A selection of the best gifts for the geek and enthusiastic person on February 23

    Holidays are again - it's time to buy gifts!

    Girls note - instead of socks and shaving foam, it makes sense to look at current offers that will be really in demand and appreciated.

    And for young people - ideas for themselves. Something you can take, slightly choking the toad. Add something to your wish list, or give it to others as possible gifts.

    In the near future, the usual bustle with a choice of gifts for loved ones. And in order not to donate another unnecessary thing, pay attention to inexpensive and useful gadgets. Well, maybe not all useful, but, but interesting!

    Recently, very popular desktop hobby and DIY accessories have become available, but also quite affordable.

    A good option for a gift is a powerful desktop laser engraver with bluetooth.

    NEJE DK - BL1500mw 550 x 550 Pixel Laser Engraver .
    It can be connected to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and run the burning program on the surface of objects. You can make a memorable inscription on the USB-drive, you can - on the box or packaging, etc.

    Pay attention to another option, cheaper, without bluetoothNEJE DK - 8 - KZ 1000mW Laser Engraver Printer .

    CNC laser engraver is suitable for a hobby or small business, for independent research, just for yourself - you can engrave on small objects at home without unnecessary problems.

    If you want more interesting and unusual - pay attention to the unusual desktop model of the Stirling engine (functional model) .

    This model can be an interesting souvenir on the office desk, or it can come in handy as a desktop manual in physics and thermal processes. In any case, the model is operational, the engine is driven by heating a small spirit lamp.

    If you want more DIY, then the range includes inexpensive robotic mechanisms and platforms for assembling robots and machines.

    For example, a simple and inexpensive robo-arm (4 servos) .
    There is a more interesting option - a 6-axis robotic arm-grip that can be programmed based on your skills and needs.

    DIY car assembly platform - perfect for working out control and movement algorithms on a mobile wheeled platform.

    On such kits, you can work out any ideas, implement a useful device (robot assistant), can be used as part of a course project or a thesis, and also just to “kill” time.

    If you have a car, it makes sense to look at useful auto-gadgets, for example, battery-Jump Starter (model TM19B). This is a portable battery to help start the car (relevant in the cold), as well as a 5V and 12V power supply for external devices. You can start the compressor for a car without a cigarette lighter - just from this battery. You can power the soldering iron, inverter. Specifically, this model TM19B is composed of a flashlight, charging for the phone, charging for a laptop, backup power 12V (terminals).

    A useful and unusual gift is the Raspberry Pi 3 single - board computer ...

    ... plus a case console that turns the Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged console.

    The image of the RetroPie with a selection of many old-school games and emulators rolls onto the Raspberry Pi memory card.

    Link to the project RetroPie .

    Link togithab with instructions and sources .

    This option is probably the most versatile. Toys will be interesting to everyone, especially in the collection of old games there are many popular (Battle City, Contra, Mario Brs, and so on). For output, you can use any available monitor or TV, as well as suitable USB joysticks.

    The theme of toys is very popular. Pay attention to the radio-controlled model of the Ural-4320 on the radio control (WPL B-36).

    This is a large model at a scale of 1:16 of the Ural military truck with good detail. Implemented transmission 6x6 with movable bridges and cardan gears. Doors in kung open. Tires elastic - the machine turned out passable. Excellent option for completion (painting).

    There are a number of useful and sought-after gifts that can be universal, regardless of profession or preference. In particular, these are knives, multitools and tools. Such knives are suitable for use every day, and in order to take a hike or a trip, they will help out in difficult times.

    One of the good ones in terms of price and quality of copies is the GANZO FH11 knife flipper . The knife is certainly interesting - the design in the style of Kaiken, excellent mechanics, good steel, suitable for every day.

    Also, pay attention to the new model of the knife GANZO Firebird FB7601 . The design is very interesting, the quality is on top. By demand, then goes Ganzo Firebird F753M1 . This is a small compact knife for every day.
    Sometimes a full-fledged big knife in a city is not very convenient and a kid like the Firebird F759M can help out .

    One of the most popular multitools is the flagship Ganzo G302B . This is a serious tool, comfortable, made of high strength steel.

    Picked to your taste, but all the options are interesting. I hope it was useful, you can share your impressions and your options in the comments ...

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