Runetology (104): founder of the project Hovhannes Poghosyan

    Hovhannes Poghosyan - about the business school at Yuri Milner, about the present and future of , about how to skim the cream of society, about the aspirations of a wealthy audience, about what content and why is demanded by online glossy readers, about the upcoming expansion of the project to the West and the social responsibility of the entrepreneur.

    Interview with a guest:
    • Life path of Hovhannes Poghosyan: a student of an elite university - a soldier of a construction battalion - a manager in web business - a publisher of online gloss. What did Hovhannes Poghosyan learn from Yuri Milner in a few years?
    • How is online gloss superior to print? “The traditional secular chronicle is castrated, ten or twenty people fall into it, the same people, and very many worthy people do not notice or do not want to notice.”
    • How did attract profitable advertisers?
    • Who is made for, what audience does it cover, with whom is it competing? “For me,“ Poster ”is generally two clicks:“ Cinema ”-“ Today ”.”
    • “We reveal people in events, interviews, stories about them and do not want to go into competition with social networks”, “I came up with some social solutions, perhaps earlier than Zuckerberg.”
    • How to prevent the management of a successful Internet project from resting on its laurels?
    • What new generation media does Hovhannes Poghosyan prepare for the West?
    • OneTwoTrip online booking service: what, how, for whom?

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