Flash openly announced his friendship with regular telephony!

    The first free RTMP open source VoIP solution announced!


    The FreeSWITCH development team announces the official release of mod_rtmp, the first free open source VoIP solution, and thanks the company Barracuda Networks for allowing the module to be released under the MPL license, etc. E. Under the same license as FreeSWITCH.

    RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol), a real-time instant messaging protocol, was originally developed by Macromedia, which allowed streaming audio and video to the ubiquitous Flash player. After Adobe acquired Macromedia, the first company announced the release of the RTMP specification, which allowed third-party developers to program the server side of applications that support the RTMP protocol, as well as work with a Flash player and other RTMP clients.

    The RTMP protocol implementation software module allows the FreeSWITCH server to act as an RTMP server, which as a result allows bridging client RTMP streams with SIP channels and channel switched telephone lines (TDM), as well as making conference calls between them.

    The mod_rtmp module currently supports speex voice codec.

    One of the applications of this technology is the implementation by the web client of a call directly from the browser! The company’s web page can detect whether Flash is installed on the client and invite the visitor to click a special button to contact the company representative.

    To demonstrate the usefulness of the mod_rtmp module, Anthony Minessale, author and chief developer of FreeSWITCH, added a Flash connector to the public FreeSWITCH conference ( http://conference.freeswitch.org/conf/, try it!). Directly from the site you can test the declared functionality. First of all, make sure that Flash is installed in your browser and that you have headphones and a microphone. For security reasons, you need to explicitly allow Flash to access your audio input / output device. Click the “Call FreeSWITCH conference” button and enter your name in the pop-up window. Then press “Call” and you will be taken to the public conference FreeSWITCH. After connecting to the conference, press 0 to turn on the microphone. If someone else is present at the conference, you can talk to him. Audio devices that support broadband audio will receive high quality audio.

    Want to know more about FreeSWITCH and the mod_rtmp module? Join the FreeSWITCH developers at ClueCon 2011, which will be held August 9-11 in the city of Chicago (USA). ClueCon 2011 is a good opportunity to meet with the authors of your favorite open source VoIP project! :-)

    And now a musical gift! Listen strictly in headphones!

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