Master for Startups

    The presentation of the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship program will begin at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 9, at 14 VO O. Birzhevaya line at QD Business Incubator.

    The master's program is unique: in two years you will be able to develop your own technology business by working with the team at the QD student business incubator and receive a master's degree in technology entrepreneurship.
    This is not like the classic higher education you are used to. Here you get only the necessary knowledge, there is no water and extra items. All teachers are business owners at the same time.

    Open Day is traditionally held in Call to Action format.

    Call to Action - more than just an open door day - is an immersion in the unique entrepreneurial atmosphere of a magistracy and an incubator.
    At Call to Action, you can learn more about the program, features, opportunities and prospects of training under the MTE program, communicate with undergraduates and teachers.
    In the program:

    1. Presentation of the MTE program
    2. MTE - life: tour of the QD incubator
    3. Coffee break
    4. Questions for residents and undergraduates
    5. Positive session “What can the MTE program give me personally?”

    Registration for the event is not necessary - just indicate your name, surname and contact phone number in the comments to the meeting on Vkontakte or on the program website.

    You can clarify any details by calling 984-18-57 - they will tell you everything: how, where and what will happen.

    MTE vKontakte group:

    The event will be broadcast online. Follow the news on twitter:

    Here people who are prepared for action learn practical knowledge on how to conduct their own projects and how to get investments for them.

    For those who already have a project: this year you can do without exams if you win the portfolio competition .

    It is planned 15 budget and only 10 paid places. A dormitory is provided to all nonresident students.

    We are located in St. Petersburg, in the city center on the Exchange line of Vasilyevsky Island, 14-16. Tel +7 812 984 18 57

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