Website in 5 minutes with Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder hosting REG.RU

    My grandmother asks to post on the Internet about a site related to her socks, and a second cousin's niece - about cute kittens? Now you can safely say: “Woman, do it yourself!”, And show the ready-made solution for creating the Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder 5.2 website on the REG.RU hosting site.

    Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder has added a number of free intellectual services and applications available to REG.RU clients along with the main services - domain registration, hosting, VPS / VDS and others. Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder automatically and completely free connects to any REG.RU hosting plan using the Plesk control panel.

    Designer SiteBuilder 5.2 works on the principle of "cloud", it is integrated into the hosting and is as accessible as possible for a user who does not have knowledge in the field of design and web programming. But we are confident that this product will also be useful for professionals due to its multifunctionality, ease of use, open architecture and the quality of the sites created, and most importantly - the speed of the whole process. You can get acquainted with the user-friendly constructor here: (by the way, a demo version is available). Many SEO-specialists have already said that this is a great tool for quickly creating satellites, well, as a use case - very much so.

    And for the most curious - a brief instruction for use:

    Step 1 -choose the type of site
    When creating the design and determining the functionality of the site, you can choose one of the proposed categories - services, construction and housing, retail stores, organizations, leisure and entertainment, art and design, health and sport, education, hobbies and hobbies, personal and others. Templates of various subjects are available in each category, in total more than 60 options. You can opt out of using categories by choosing a common template.


    Step 2 - create a design
    There are hundreds of design options, and this is an absolute advantage of SiteBuilder 5.2. You can choose a suitable color scheme, font, manual adjustment of other parameters is available.


    Step 3 - develop a structure
    A convenient and intuitive menu will help you quickly assemble a site from available modules, including text and graphics, video, menus, pass-through text and graphics, script, ad unit, search, contact form, “share”, navigation bar and others.


    Step 4 - fill the site with graphics and texts
    Thanks to simple mouse control and a powerful editor that works on the principle of exact matching (WYSIWYG), the necessary text and graphic information is placed on the site in a matter of minutes.


    Step 5 - publish the site on the network
    All that remains is to click the “publish” button and ... ta dam! The site is ready.


    By the way, the created site can be optimized for search queries using the webmaster tools from Googlemanaged by Parallels hosting panel.

    Hope you enjoy!

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