The ISS / ISS was officially completed on Friday.

    In other words, on Friday, the astronauts completed the last scheduled work at the International Space Station, connecting the last module (something like a laser-equipped crane) to the station for a robotic manipulator. Thus, after 13 years and 35-100 billion dollars (the exact amount is unknown), the orbital space station is completely ready. She worked before, we all know that, but the work done by astronauts last Friday is the final stage to complete the construction of the ISS. True, in 2012, the Russian module “Science” can be (and most likely will) be attached to the ISS. Under the cut a little more boring text and some boring photos , although not very “heavy”, but keep in mind.

    This will be the last major update of the station, but already as if unscheduled. By the way, during the work, another record was broken - about 1000 hours of work in outer space.

    It may well be that in the near future it will be announced the possibility of joining the station various modules of third-party organizations (including those involved in space tourism). In general, there is room for design thought, there would only be money to carry out everything that was planned. By the way, NASA recently resumed work on a spacecraft that could well reach the moon and Mars, landing a new generation of researchers. Previously, work in this direction was curtailed, since the United States officially curtailed the lunar program. The resumption of work, perhaps, indicates the intention of this country to unfreeze the program.

    Well, let's hope that the ISS will be able to work a lot more time (by the way, who knows how much time the designers have allocated for the work of this station?).


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