NASA has stopped trying to contact Spirit

    It’s a pity, of course, but today NASA officially announced that it no longer hopes to re-establish contact with Spirit, and will not make further attempts on this subject. There was even a joke that the Spirit ascended into Martian heaven. In principle, the agency has been pulling for so long with the completion of work with Spirit, since there has been no contact with it for more than a year and two months. The last time the rover “answered” March 22, 2010.

    The agency hoped that it could restore contact with the device after the cold and dusty Martian winter was over, but it seems that this period was not in vain for the rover. Probably his solar panels were covered with sand and dust, or something else happened. It is clear that the Spirit will never answer.

    This rover already lasted long enough, since it had to work for only a few months (three, to be exact), and in fact it worked for about seven years. In general, this device is a good example of how to create complex devices. Of course, there were problems, but not the fault of the developers, but the fault, so to speak, of the planet itself.

    Via DVICE

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