905P - the fastest Optane

    News continues to come about new drives in the Intel Optane line-up - in both consumer and professional segments. Most recently, we wrote about "Optane Home" - model 800R . Now we are talking about a new drive for serious professional tasks. Compared to its predecessors, the Model 905P is more beautiful, energy efficient and fast, as you can see under the cut.

    The Intel Optane SSD 905P series is an evolutionary continuation of the Intel Optane SSD 900P family . The storage capacity is 480 and 960 GB, PCIe and U.2 form factors are available. Comparative characteristics of the two families for example, SSD 480 GB for clarity are summarized in the table.
    900P 905P
    Afterbirth. reading 2500 MB / s 2600 MB / s
    Afterbirth. a record 2000 MB / s 2200 MB / s
    Occasional reading 550,000 IOPS 575,000 IOPS
    Occasional a record 500,000 IOPS 550,000 IOPS
    Max. read latency 10 µs 10 µs
    Max. recording delay 10 µs 10 µs
    Max. consumption 14 W 12.8 W
    Idle consumption 5 W 3.3 W
    Cost of $ 599 $ 599
    Thus, the main parameters of speed and energy efficiency are increased by about 10%, while maintaining the cost at the same volume. This is definitely not a breakthrough, but work on hidden reserves - we recall, the 900P series came out just six months ago . It is curious that this optimization allowed the 905P to catch up and overtake the Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X server series in performance . Now it is the fastest Intel Optane SSD.

    As for beauty, the P905 PCIe format SSDs are equipped with LED backlighting. Still, this is Optane for people, and nothing human is alien to us.

    There are no real tests and benchmarks for the new series yet, but this is the business of the very near future. We continue to follow the topic and tell you all the most interesting.

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