Linux emulator computer emulator

    No server side. Only JS: a full-fledged computer emulator with Linux on board.
    (attention, only chrome and FF4)

    I played with it for a long time - it's not an imitation, Linux behaves like real Linux - compiled programs work, errors in them cause a segmentation fault, damage to the root file system causes a storm of indignation in dmesg etc.
    JS PC emulator with Linux on board

    dd shows more than decent performance when working with memory - more than 40 mb / s (do not forget that this is an emulator, and that it is JS in your browser!).

    I never thought that we would live to see that.

    ... And now the orgy begins:

    * Using local storage, we can organize disks (each key-value corresponds to one sector).
    * Using web-socket, we can create a paravirtualized network driver with access to the iron router and get a normal network.
    * Using existing technologies (NUMA, DRBD, corosync), you can organize a computing cluster from browsers.

    (By the way, it is not necessary to show the console in this case - you start the virtual machine at the client in the background, the virtual machine joins the cluster, begins to count, upon its emergency termination - closing the browser - the cluster is automatically reconfigured).

    I write this as Hochma, but in reality, if you have Linux and you have it, you have every opportunity to work with anything. Any network applications, any synchronization and control systems.

    No one bothers to create a paravirtualized video driver using canvas, you have webGL for which you can write your own version of cuda and get pretty powerful acceleration of calculations ...

    Well, the final thing is running chrome inside an emulated virtual machine.

    So, the emulation reached the browsers ...

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