Students can be imprisoned for 30 years for publishing fake discount coupons on 4chan and Zoklet

    Students of the Rochester Institute of Technology can be imprisoned for a very long time for publishing fake discount coupons on sites such as 4chan and Zoklet. As a result, according to government officials, companies received hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. Well, the student received nothing but, possibly, a lengthy prison sentence. The coupons that the student placed were not limited to one or two companies, the range was very wide - from discounts on Tide powder to Sony PlayStation. Law enforcement officials have already reported that the total loss of retailers due to the student’s actions (his name is Lucas Henderson) left hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The student is now 22 years old, as if the beginning of life, and he already faces 30 years in prison. By the way, the young man studied in one of the IT specialties, and knew that what he was doing was criminally punishable. Lucas tried to cover his own tracks using Tor, proxies, and other tricks. For the time being, everything was fine until he “got pierced” by publishing a couple of coupons, highlighting his own IP address. Next is a matter of technology that US law enforcement officers know well.

    By the way, fake discount coupons are a significant problem for retailers, at least in the United States. According to Coupon Information Corporation, the losses incurred by retailers because of these same coupons are hundreds of millions of dollars. Some of the retailers no longer accept coupons printed on the printer, since the number of fakes is simply huge.

    So, in December last year, retailers lost $ 200,000 in a couple of weeks on Tide powder coupons alone.

    Apparently, our student is not the only one who was involved in counterfeiting coupons and distributing them, but he clearly has the role of scapegoat. Immediately after his arrest, the Zoklet resource deleted almost all the pages on which the notorious coupons were discussed, apparently the site administration realized that the case smelled like kerosene.

    The student is currently awaiting a court decision, let's see what is in store for him.

    Via Yahoo

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