TwitPic sells content rights to WENN

    I have been a Twitter user for quite some time now, and one of its derivatives, the photo service. Honestly, I never read the rules of the service, and did not think about who owns the rights to the photos that I post via Twitter on TwitPic. I didn’t bother because, by and large, I don’t care who and for what purposes will use my photos, there is nothing particularly secret there, like most users. But today, TechCrunch published interesting information on this subject: it turns out that earlier all the rights to the photo belonged to the service itself, which is written in the user agreement, and now these rights have been purchased by the WENN agency. Why does the agency need our photos? He does not need them, the guys prey on pictures of so-called celebrities (Jim Carrey preview photo - just with TwitPic ).

    But it was they, celebrities, who made TwitPic so popular, because it is here that photos often appear that are not on the pages of tabloids, online media and other publications. Users who are interested in these same celebrities often closely monitor the stream of all sorts of nonsense of information generated by actors, singers and other personalities. In this stream, no, no, and photos taken by celebrities in different places slip through.

    And now the rights to all these photos belong to the WENN agency mentioned above, which received “light bread” - after all, now there is no need to hunt for those same celebrities for hours and days in order to get another photo of cowardsanother actress. Now you just need to monitor the accounts of stars, asterisks and asterisks, which upload the photos they want for the agency and fans on their own.

    In general, a rather interesting situation that many TwitPic users may not like. What the hell is not joking, what if this agency decides to use someone’s photos for its dark purposes? Most do not care, but there are those who do not need it at all. Yes, of course, uploading your own photos to the public, so that later they will be indignant at their public availability, is not entirely logical, but the situation is still a bit different. It is one thing when the photos belong to everyone and no one in particular, and another when someone has more rights to your photos than yours. Something like this.

    I myself will continue to use TwitPic, well, but who do not like the current situation, you can start working with another service, fortunately, there are many alternatives.

    Via TechCrunch

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