Hard work vs chore

    I was always interested in the question of how to evaluate various types of work, which is harder to just do the work or come up with a new, more elegant way and make it faster. By the way, there was another note by Seth Godin in which he examines the concepts of routine and hard work. Your attention to the translation, I will be glad to hear additions and personal examples.

    Routine work is a lawyer who writes bills 14 hours a day for filling out forms and forms.

    Hard work is the insightful side of the lawsuit that brings together four disparate thoughts and concludes that it will win the case in less than five minutes.

    Routine work has deep historical roots. Farmers, hunters, factory workers ... There has always been a routine work necessary to achieve success. From generation to generation, it was a huge advantage that was given to those who had the fortitude and stamina to carry out routine work.

    Hard work is scary. We shy away from hard work, because risk is an integral part of it. Hard work is difficult because you can fail. You can’t make a mistake when doing routine work, you just don’t have time to complete it on time. When doing hard work, you can fail if you do not establish an emotional connection, if you do not solve the problem or hesitate in making decisions.

    I think it is worth noting that routine work often creates the conditions for hard work. If you have succeeded enough, practiced enough, and learned enough, then most likely you will be able to do the hard work.

    It seems, however, no matter how much routine you have done, it will not give you the benefits of hard work until you yourself are ready for this jump.

    PS Difficult - from the word labor.

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