Qt 4.7.3, Qt Mobility 1.1.1, Qt VS Addin 1.1.9

    The new Qt framework update , which mainly includes updates for Qt for Symbian, as well as important fixes for Qt and Qt Mobillity according to the bug tracker. The jump in the Qt mobility version from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 is explained by the fact that serious errors were found in the SDK and the release was immediately transferred to version 1.1.1. Visual Studio Addin has

    also been updated to version 1.1.9. The list of corrections:
    • Fixed regression when importing .pro files, which was in version 1.1.8.
    • Taught add-in to work with Intel VTune projects.
    • When adding a new version of Qt, compatibility with VS is checked. We hope this will stop people trying to use Qt's MinGW builds in VS.
    • Added ability to specify lupdate / lrelease options.
    All this is available in the Downloads section of the Qt framework website , where you can also download Qt Creator 2.2 RC .
    Full changelog .

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