"Thanks, Eva! help make money on YouTube

    Thank you video group , Eve! has received the authority to grant official YouTube partner status to talented video creators. Affiliates will receive 65% of the ad revenue shown in their video (once a month with Western Union checks). They will also have access to the powerful affiliate admin panel of YouTube and the detailed design of their channel.

    "Thanks, Eva! has already granted YouTube official partner statuses to Ruslan Usachev, Sam Nickel, the show “Like” and My Duck's Vision.

    The official YouTube partner receives at his disposal:
    - 65% of the revenue from advertising shown in his videos;
    - Access to the powerful affiliate admin panel of YouTube;
    - the ability to fine-tune the appearance of your channel on YouTube (this is currently not available on other Russian video hosting sites);
    - Active promotion of affiliate content on YouTube, a priority in search results.

    If you want to become an official YouTube partner, send an application to youtube@spasiboeva.ru . In the application you need to specify only the address of your channel on YouTube, nothing more. If everything is OK - they will contact you, if not - then no))

    “Russia is a huge country full of talented video makers that no one has seriously worked with so far,” said Brandon Keating, an affiliate of YouTube, - “And now YouTube intends to rectify this situation, is ready to help young and talented authors of the video. I have long noticed the thank you video group , Eve! They have already gathered a lot of creative guys on their site, they are well aware of the situation with the video in Russia, all the heroes, rising stars and aspiring authors. That’s why they got the right to give the status of official YouTube partners to everyone they see fit. For me, this cooperation means a lot, of course, this is an absolutely right strategic step ”

    “ I would have lied if I had said that I did not eat the black envy of advanced Western video bloggers who were marked with the seal of partnership with YouTube, ” says the popular Russian video blogger Ruslan Usachev. - “It’s not even a matter of the expanded possibilities of designing your own channel, additional functionality, or even of the huge advertising revenue. No, it's just that there is some special spirit in it. Elite spirit. And I’m led to such things at a time. So I was incredibly happy when I received an offer to enter into a partnership agreement with YouTube. In just a couple of days, I was drawing with might and main beautiful pictures for decorating my channel, setting up links to various social services and selecting the most successful frames for previewing videos. I finally became elite and approached YouTube stars such as RayWilliamJohnson, Fred and kidrauh. And thank you very much for all this, Eve! ”

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