Dingoo A320 vs Gemei A330 - unboxing

    And finally, the long-awaited Dingoo A320 and Gemei A330 came to me, which are vigorously discussed in the comments to the previous post . As I promised everyone, I post a lot of photos (they are all clickable) and my first impressions.

    The package box is slightly wrinkled, and our valiant DHL tried and knocked out more money from me “for customs clearance”, but still they are here: Inside the box are: two Dingoo A320 , one Gemei A330 , a charger for the A330, a scattering of adapters for sockets ( all of them are crammed into different places as many as 5 pieces), a crumpled instruction for the console on ten sheets of A4, and most importantly - pimpled polyethylene folded into a lump in the corner of the box! ;) Discarding all unnecessary, we open two boxes:

    In each of them there is: the game console itself in a bag, several pieces of paper for lovers of the Chinese language, miniUSB cable and headphones.
    The A320 also comes with its own charger and cable for connecting to a TV, while the A330 comes with a protective film on the screen and a microSD-> miniSD adapter.
    Near the console they look like this: To the touch, the A320 is assembled much better - nothing creaks, everything was done very nicely. It looks more expensive than its value. At the A330, the case creaks slightly, but for China the quality is very good, four with a plus. But the A330 screen looks more juicy and it has much wider viewing angles. In the photo, the LCD panels look terrible, but in real life, both do not cause any complaints.

    Today is not a very sunny day, so checking on the street did not clarify - the image on both screens in the sunlight is approximately the same, the screens are glossy, you can use it as a mirror;)

    The A330 also had such a label on which the production date is visible: On this unboxing completed. On the A320, Dingux successfully got out of here , only the miniSD card had to be formatted in a card reader. After that, Dingux local pack v035 was installed , which I am currently scouting. I wish a speedy arrival to all those who are still waiting for their parcel! Both consoles are on my desk, so I’m ready to try to answer any questions that arise. Update

    I recommend a320.emulate.su as a source of reference information - an excellent Russian-language resource about this console.

    And a couple of good reviews of the A330 model - on emulate-su.livejournal.com and on gbatemp.net (English)

    Update 2. It seems that this is Gemei A330 Fashion - it does not support multiplayer between two consoles.

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