Global Public Services Portal Update: Bug vs Feature

    About a year ago, I wrote a post about the notorious portal of wonderful , useful , let everyone find the self-determination of public services (PSU).

    Everything would be okay, I don’t need to rummage the past, I received my passport in the usual queue a long time ago, but today this service again made itself felt to me ...


    It all started when this morning SUDDENLY fell to my mail 32 (!!!) letters from PSU about the same content: application number XXXX (all application numbers are different) accepted for work \ rejected due to the issuance of a passport.

    In general, I have long been waiting for a letter from them regarding the appeal I left for the service of those. support, which, as can be seen in the previous post, was registered on July 8, 2010, but none of these 32 for some reason contained an answer / refusal.

    It became interesting when did I suddenly manage to make so many applications ?! No question, you need to log in to your account and see where your legs grow from.

    And again a stone in my way: the password does not fit. I did not change it, to break it - hardly anyone needs it. Again, it doesn’t matter, I used the password recovery, the activation code came, I again drove my old password - but I can’t log in. It began to suggest an idea ...
    I look again at the password entry field - "at least 8 characters", I entered 31 (as with the first registration). I decided that I need to enter a shorter password (suddenly a ride ?!). Using the password recovery form again, I successfully logged into the system using a 16-character password. Everything became clear here ... It
    was revealed by trial and error that the portal now accepts ANY length passwords, but they will work only if the password is no more than 27 characters (moreover, circumcision does not occur ... if you enter 31 characters and take the first ones at login 27, the system does not accept you) ...
    For me it remains a mystery, WHY cut off what worked before ?! (After all, I set the password a year ago and used it many times).

    Without hesitation, I again decided to use the big red button on the portal to send messages. I even sent 2 (about spam from 32 letters and about the password), the messages seemed to be gone, but again I did not receive any confirmation about this.

    I don’t know why I am doing all this, but nevertheless, I decided to call their hotline number. After waiting 15 minutes for the operator and listened several times about the convenience and navigation on the portal, the girl answered me. They refused to connect me directly with technical support specialists, so I had to “pour” everything directly to her - about passwords, about mail.
    The girl said to wait ...
    After another 2-4 minutes, I received from her a very expected recommendation - to write to those. support ........ (drum roll) ... through the big red button ...
    I did not forget to notify that they had not yet answered my appeal from July last year, so what is the point of writing to me again ?! But I was assured that everything will be fine, and these errors are just a global portal update. Thanking her for the help (?!), I hung up and remained in a slight bewilderment of what happened: I really need to be patient, I really need to believe that this update (which caused new bugs (features?)) Will fix everything, or did I just not initially like their system?

    It is sad, however, one thing: everyone makes mistakes, but when you report them, I would like to receive feedback, but, alas, apparently, not in this life.

    PS By the way, it became clear where I got 16 applications from there: in a previous post I wrote that I pressed F5 to send a second profile, which the portal didn’t want to accept from me. Again, suddenly all these profiles were registered in the system ... the registration date, although it costs April 22, 2010, but until July 2010 (that’s when I last went to my personal account) they definitely weren’t there

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