Government Services Portal

    Last week, we slowly carried out the first examination of the state website: FGU FIPS.

    The next in line according to the results of the voting site I
    invite users of All Habr to participate in the collective examination of the site.

    Required to evaluate:
    1. Functional compliance : the history of real users of the site is very necessary. What is wrong or bad on the site, what is missing? Maybe some functions are superfluous?
    2. Quality of technical implementation : as far as the site is reliable, safe, stable, stable, fast, meets modern requirements, etc.
    3. Design : does the design interfere with the use of the site? Are the accents logical? Is the site beautiful to your taste?
    4. Ease of use and accessibility : are all the pages of the site really needed? Is user interaction consistent and logical? Is the site accessible for people with disabilities?

    Suggest clarifications and additions to the list of tasks

    I remind you once again that for convenience it’s better not to mix ratings on several aspects in the comments at once. For example, write separately about design flaws, and separately about errors in the HTML code. If possible, be constructive: it is advisable not only to indicate the problem, but also to offer your own version of its solution.

    A week later, next Tuesday (there is an assumption that this day is better for undertakings than Friday), the results of the website’s examination will be summarized and a report will be published, including a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the site, user wishes and just interesting facts About the site.

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