Google is going to launch "premium" channels about art and sports

    Today, The Wall Street Journal published interesting information: according to this publication (as always, these are “sources close to the leadership”), Google is going to update YouTube by adding a number of thematic channels. Some of these channels will be dedicated to sports, some to art, and there may be other categories. So, a total of 20 (maybe a little more) thematic channels will be added, which will be filled with professional-grade content.

    In addition, these channels will be served by specialists, not ordinary users. It is also mentioned that among such channels there will be those that contain content common for YouTube (the best videos will probably be selected). Google did not regret $ 100 million for such a reorganization.

    In principle, the corporation has long announced its intention to improve the content of its video service. For this purpose, for example, Next New Networks was purchased, and several more startups were purchased that are engaged in various technologies to improve video quality and integrate video services with mobile platforms.

    Earlier, news also appeared on Habré that YouTube plans to create thematic channels, each of which will have its own leader in the person of a celebrity . About one "star" was planned to spend about 5 million dollars.

    Now the management of the service is not very pretty in that the average duration of the session is 15 minutes per day. Perhaps the developers will be able to bring this figure to 35 minutes per day. But of course, in order for everything to work out, you need to make YouTube more interesting for users, which means that the content should become much better. The video of kitties and hedgehogs is super, but many people need something else to visit YouTube more often, staying there for a long time.

    Via Yahoo

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