Fantastic series

    Do you like TV shows? More precisely, do you like good series? Of course, the concept of “good / bad” in art is completely subjective, so I’ll clarify my question even more: do you like good fantastic series? I believe that the vast majority of hawkers will answer in the affirmative. Today I would like to tell you about several series that are worth watching for every fan of science fiction.


    If you have not watched the classics of adventure science fiction series, “ Firefly ”, then it's time to do it. Over the course of 14 (formally 15) episodes, we enjoyed the adventures of a team of space adventurers and mercenaries led by the charming captain Reynolds, whose role was played by Nathan Fillion .

    A very small budget did not allow the creators to turn around in the scenery and computer graphics. However, “Firefly” immediately won popular love due to its plot, inimitable humor and excellent acting. Each episode presents a new story from the life of the crew of spaceship "Serenity» ( Serenity Serenity's) What, for example, is the absolutely enchanting series “Our Mrs. Reynolds”! However, there was a through storyline.

    Perhaps, “Firefly” has become one of the most underrated projects by the management of the FOX channel, on which the series was released during 2003. "Firefly" was suddenly closed, and in the future filming never resumed, despite the protest of many fans. In 2005, the feature film “ The Serenity Mission” was continued , in which the main storyline of the series was completed gloomily and tragically.

    Official trailer:

    Black mirror

    British cinema in our country is little known, and even series and even more so. " Black Mirror ", consisting of two seasons with three episodes each, as a whole represents a rather gloomy point of view on the role of high technology in the near future. The series are not connected in any way, they are united by only one thing - an attempt to present the impact that high technology will have on human society. What brings us technological progress in addition to new opportunities in communication and the availability of all kinds of information?

    British television series differ markedly from American ones in some elusive solidity and restraint. Not the plot, but from the point of view of directing. Unlike Hollywood with its riot of special effects, fights and obligatory verbiage in the style of "I have to fulfill my duty, we are family / partners, I love you, you are my brother / friend / father, I must save the world / country / kitten, ”the British are focusing on the very essence of events, the inner drama and the experiences of the characters.

    The official trailer, reflecting not the content of the series, but his, let's say, spirit:

    Almost human

    In the heat of the heat, the freshly launched series " Almost a Man " tells the story of a duet from a policeman and his android partner, who looks and acts completely ... almost like a man. At the beginning of the first series, a casual mention was made of "uncontrollably developing technological progress," thanks to which it became possible to create such perfect robots.

    Of course, the creators hint at a technological singularity, but the world of the future (2048) is shown extremely unconvincing from the point of view of the explosive development of technology: there is no flight of design thought in such trifles important for the film atmosphere as gadgets, clothes, even cars. Weak attempts to show the technique of the future using weapons and tablets / monitors as examples look even more miserable against this background.

    The main focus of attention is precisely superrealistic androids, which have very broad capabilities. A feature of the robot that got into the team-mates of the main character was its ability to “experience emotions” and “empathize,” since this model (DRN) was created with the goal of being as similar as possible to people in their behavior. However, in the story, it was quickly discontinued and replaced by much more predictable and similar to MX series android mines.

    Darian, the name of this emotional android, is often too much like a person. God be with him, with facial expressions, let's say that progress has indeed allowed us to create such a perfect imitation of muscle. But when it comes to the manifestation of emotions and their influence on the behavior of the android, then, in my opinion, such similarities can no longer be justified by the achievements of science and technology.

    It’s hard to say how interesting the series will be at the end of its first season. So far, it is a rather simple Hollywood article exploiting old topics about the relationship between people and robots, about the influence of robots on society, and about a gloomy and bleak future, how could it be without it. Although the writers can still quite correct the situation and turn "Almost a Man" into a really good science fiction series.

    Official trailer:


    The action of this post-apocalyptic series takes place in the small American town of Jericho. It is located near Denver, in which terrorists detonate an atomic bomb. A little later it turns out that such explosions occurred immediately in several major US cities, including Washington. As a result, a country left without a ruling elite splits into quasi-states. However, this is only a distant background for the events taking place in Jericho, whose inhabitants are faced with a shortage of food, fuel and aggression from the neighboring town. In other words, the struggle for resources and survival begins.

    In general, this is not so much fantastic as a psychological series. However, he raised a very important question for modern mankind: what to do if a catastrophe occurs? Let it not be a bomb or nuclear explosion, but, for example, an accident at a chemical plant or an earthquake. Although in our bestial times, a civil war option is very likely to be modeled after Abkhazia, Chechnya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria and a number of similar follies. What to do for those who are simply trying to survive? A very difficult question, to which the series has few answers. But this topic is becoming increasingly relevant in our troubled times.

    People of the future

    Another of the latest Hollywood TV shows. In this case, we are talking about the emergence of "new" people who are inherent in various supernatural abilities: teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, etc. The creators did not rely on the technological development of mankind, but on the biological, and not in the style of “faster, higher, stronger,” as you understand. As usual, the company of the main characters begins to fight with “bad people”, a state organization trying to gain control over all people with supernormal abilities.

    The same series was exploited by the series Alpha People .

    "Alpha People" was closed after the second season. Let’s see how long people on the air will last on air.


    Another Hollywood science-action series . The plot revolves around a policeman from the future, who got into our time during the pursuit of an escaped criminal. No doubt, a blue-eyed brown-haired woman with a good figure is really sexy, and this is one of the main advantages of the Continuum. However, the series is also interesting for various high-tech gadgets like the police nanosuit (police?) And other devices.

    I talked about very different series, both in terms of plot and direction. Surely, many will not agree with my choice. And what are your three favorite science fiction series?

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