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    Working for the past 4 years in the field of seo, we have increasingly begun to note the fact that neither we nor our customers know what kind of traffic brings them new customers.

    With active online stores, everything is simple and clear. Users make purchases on the site and track the sources of traffic and achieving goals is not difficult.

    However, the task of most sites is to attract new customers to buy by phone. And here it is almost impossible to track or measure the required traffic. Especially if the proposed service or product is a one-time consumption.

    Sometimes very diligent site owners ask callers different questions, for example, “Have you found us in Yandex.Direct?” And “By what request did you find us?”. The best and most correct answer of the caller is “on the Internet!” (the rest is in a fog). ”

    As a result, new customers are very annoyed by unnecessary questions, and the site owner does not understand what traffic brings these calls to him, and the advertising agency sells “everything, but more” so that at least something brings results and the client remains with him.

    And then the zombie handed the idea

    They demonstrated another domestic innovation on TV - an electronic passport.
    The official, with clearly optimistic optimism and energy for him, explained that Russian society was "on the verge of a new information era." I immediately remembered the biblical Apocalypse with the numbering of all upright citizens ...

    So why not give each visitor a unique number? Which he can easily and quickly call by phone and it is advisable to do it yourself, without any questions.

    What traffic gives calls, and what not? ”- this was the main question, answering which you can significantly increase the number of these same calls and at the same time reduce the cost of advertising and website promotion.

    Omitting technical details and development months, Kaizen and Studio 42 present the siteTarget call measurement service (alpha version).

    It is based on the same simple idea - a visitor on a site sees a personal code (usually 4 digits) and calls it by phone. At the end of the month, we load the received codes into the system and are surprised to find out what kind of traffic actually brings client calls.

    SiteTarget features

    • Getting information for each visitor (analogue of in real time.
    • Simple and intuitive reports:
    • Traffic sources
    • Search engines
    • Search phrases
    • Referrals from sites
    • Advertising campaigns (Yandex.Direct, Runner, Google.Adwords)

    After entering call codes, reports show the effectiveness of the traffic channels and the number of calls for each of them.

    You can invite friends to the system simply by specifying their e-mail addresses.

    Some important features are planned for the beta release - automatic calculation of the cost of calls, convenient billing, and an affiliate program for advertising agencies. We will talk about this in detail in the next post.

    Terms of Use

    siteTarget can be used completely free for any number of sites during the first two months. As a rule, this is enough for you to analyze incoming calls and significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

    After a free period - you can continue to use the service for a fee. More details on the tariff page.

    As it was in practice. First experience using the system

    A counter was installed on the site of one of our clients, a medical center. Next to the phones they indicated that everyone who called the code from the site had a 5% discount. Two months later, carefully recorded codes were entered into the system and ... surprised - the softest definition of our reaction.

    Having opened the reports, we saw that:
    • 9 out of 10 promoted queries did not lead to calls (!) - this was the first conclusion.
    • 72% of calls come from articles that the client himself writes for the site and has long considered a waste of time.
    • The cost of 1 call from direct is 562 p., From a runner - 114 p. As they say, feel the difference.
    • Etc.

    PS: did the client stay with us (appreciated honesty?), Only now he is promoting completely different requests, having reduced the budget by 40% while doubling the calls.

    Want to know the truth about your customers? Then welcome to . Surprise at the data received and please your customers! We will be grateful for any of your feedback and suggestions on how to make the service work better and more useful.

    And we are also looking for a team of interface designers who are interested in writing -

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