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    “Navigation”, “positioning”, “gadgets”, “travel”, “road”, “map” - are the words familiar to you? You can also add "GPS", "Glonass", "navigator", "satellite". Now you understand what will be discussed? Maybe you saw, heard somewhere, or maybe someone had Garmin? Even if the answers to all questions are negative, we are very glad to see you on our hublog, we are sure that it will be interesting for us together!

    Who are we?

    We are people - outstanding, interesting, strong-willed - who once, having come together, decided to take the domestic market of navigation devices to a whole new level. We knew who makes the best navigators, we knew how they work, we knew what they could do and what they were for - and all this we wanted to pass on to our customers - you reading this blog. Prospectors, engineers, programmers - all sought to ensure that the user never in his life had the feeling of buying a "pig in a poke." We are Garmin, the first official brand store in Europe.

    Where can we be found?

    Here on Habré. You can also visit - this is our site where all samples of Garmin products are presented, our news, promotions and announcements of seminars. There is a forum there, so if you have questions - you write, we love to answer them. And our stores can be found in large shopping centers - from August 2010 in the Garmin company store in the Capitol shopping center, and since November also in the Garmin company store in the Gagarinsky shopping center.
    Why do we need shops, because it’s more convenient to trade from the network? Not quite so - we do not trade, we supply, service, support, exchange and do dozens more operations with navigators and GPS receivers, therefore it is important for us to know the face of our customer, and it is important for him to be sure that he can always find us by to the address where the device was purchased. So - come in, we will be glad.

    What is interesting about us

    The most interesting thing with us is Garmin. We know that in many respects this word has already become a household word, but, like no other, we understand how much it can mean. And we want to talk about this, in fact, for this and started this blog. What will happen here - equipment reviews, comparisons, news, reviews of events related to us and you, and there will also be contests, descriptions of discount programs, stories and articles - in general, everything that is interesting in our Navigation World.

    What do you have interesting

    What is so interesting about you? We, for the most part, are managers and engineers, but who better to tell about the device for an athlete - an engineer or a marathon runner? And who can better talk about the tourist navigator - a manager or climber with 20 years of experience? We understand this, and we have a proposal: we highlight 5 different devices that we can take "to try" from us; if you are a climber, we will give you the latest model for tourism, if you are a cyclist with experience, we will give a bicycle navigator, if your calling is sports walking, we will give a navigator with a pedometer, if you are a caver, then we will probably give nothing, but with pleasure we’ll talk to you. We need an opinion from you on how the device works, whether it meets expectations, for what purpose it is suitable - in short, everything that can be included in the product review for your like-minded people. While we can’t allocate more than 5 devices, therefore, if the device that suits you is in testing, you will have to wait until it returns; but you can always see, touch and try how our equipment works, in our store together with our managers.

    Garmin community

    Can Garmin bring people together? We think it can. That is why we have been preparing for the opening of our stores for two years, developed the design, launched projects on the Internet. We wanted to create a community of people united by a common idea - an interest in positioning, the latest achievements in this field, space technologies, who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and set their life goals. What can happen to a pilot, a driver, a polar explorer, or a combine operator? All of them can have a navigator, and our task is to make it so where to discuss it and where to get quality support and service.
    We are working to create a service where all people who share our values ​​could quickly receive the necessary information, exchange opinions, update software and cartographic software. We are working on this, and we will write about how this project is progressing here - we hope it will be interesting.

    What will happen next?

    Further we will conduct this blog, where we will write a lot of interesting things, both for you and for us. We will communicate with you on the forum, revealing the questions that you have. We will actively meet on social networks, because we can already be completely friends on VKontakte and facebook. We will conduct training seminars that will allow us to discover a lot of new things already in seemingly thoroughly studied devices. We will always be glad to see you in our stores - of which there will soon be more, not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia. Together we will be interested.

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