New Evernote Extension Features for Google Chrome

    Copying fragments of web pages is one of the most popular use cases for Evernote. Whenever you come across an interesting article on the Internet, research, a recipe, interior decorating tips, a device review, or something else, just save it in Evernote and this information will stay with you forever.

    Today we released an update for our Google Chrome extension, which includes a number of powerful new features. You can install the Evernote clipper from Chrome Extensions »

    Right mouse button for quick copy

    Google Chrome users have received a number of new items in the browser context menu that appears by right-clicking. Using them, you can now copy the necessary information to Evernote in one step. The menu options will differ depending on what you want to do:
    • Copy this page : This feature allows you to save the entire page.
    • Save selection : In this case, only the selected area of ​​the page will be copied, including text and images.
    • Copy image : Right-clicking on the image will send the image to Evernote.

    Each of these three options will instantly create a note in your notebook by default. If you want to set labels or select a different notebook, you can still use the Evernote button on the browser toolbar. Context menu options are ideal if you want to quickly add information. Do not forget that you can always organize the copied content later, if you want.
    • New Note : This last item in the context menu displays the window of the new redesigned Evernote Note Editor. Just create your note in this editor, click "Save" and you're done. You can specify a notepad for a new note, put down tags and specify other attributes by clicking on the Show Details link in the right part of the window.

    Invisible copying

    Copying now takes place in the background, so you can upload the necessary information to Evernote, without being distracted from the main lesson. After you have copied something, the corresponding message appears in the browser window. And that’s all. You can even leave the current web page.


    The Chrome extension allows you to view all your notes, as well as any notes with content that you have ever copied from the current site. To view notes, click on the green tab at the bottom of the pop-up window that appears by clicking on the Evernote icon. These notes are now shown in the new hint view, which greatly simplifies quick navigation. To view the desired note, click on it in the list, and it will open in a separate window.

    Permanent Authorization

    You can say goodbye to constantly re-typing your username and password in the Evernote Chrome extension. Just select the “Remember me” checkbox and you will always remain logged in to your account (until you clear your browser’s cookies). If other people use the computer besides you, we do not recommend using this function.

    Many great features.

    As before, the Chrome extension will allow you to search your Evernote account along with Google searches. To do this, activate the corresponding option on the authorization screen. Also, the update contains many other functions and settings, for acquaintance with which, right-click on the extension icon and select "Settings". They are worth a look.

    Install Evernote Clipper from Chrome Extensions »

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