Social Media Optimization Competent Use

    This idea kept me awake all night, sharing it with you.

    Let's start with the concepts. What is Social Media Optimization? (in Russian, optimizing the site for social media in order to attract traffic to the IMHO website) I will not dwell on this, read more on

    Many websites have communities in several social networks. networks.

    A block with a bunch of links to them is placed on the pages of the site.

    Often this gives few transitions to communities, for a number of reasons. I propose to improve the situation.



    Why not use a website traffic source(referral)? Knowing where the person came from (Yandex, Google, VK, OK, Mail.Ru, LJ, LI, etc.) to show him a block with a representative office (community, widget) on the pages of the traffic source. Showing on fingers.

    Example for
    • A user came from issuing Yandex, we tell him: "Stay on top of new recipes, install the widget on the Yandex home." Direct link to widget. Similar for Google.
    • A user has come from VK, we tell him: “Subscribe to our VK page”. Similar for all social. networks.
    • A user from TW came and told him: “Follow our Twitter accounts”
    • A user came from LI, LJ we told him: “We have a diary on LI, LJ read, comment, subscribe”

    About the block design.
    It should be in a conspicuous place, with the logo of the source of traffic (guaranteed ctr above)


    It is important to understand that it is convenient for the user to absorb content in your favorite social network. It is comfortable. Come to his “house”, and there he will decide whether to switch to a resource.

    Development is not complicated like functionality. By the end of the month we
    ’ll release it on I will take it all, I keep you in the know.


    Note will be interesting for beginners.

    How to create widgets

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