Disabling SMS-confirmation of payments in the Webmoney system

    imageNot so long ago, Webmoney connected to me a wonderful function of confirmation of payments. It’s not clear why. Each SMS is worth 4 cents and I think it makes no sense to pay them several times a day. I think that those who really need such a service and would have connected it themselves. The matter on the part of webmoney looks completely different - we’ll turn it on for everyone, let them pay, and whoever doesn’t want to let them help out and turn it off on their own. Here is what the company says from this:

    In some cases, confirmation of operations can be turned on automatically based on the results of the WebMoney security robot.

    Plus, when conducting transactions, the minimum commission increases. More details here . Well dig a help.

    The first thing I turned off is Confirmation of operations in the settings of the light version of the program, in General

    and on the Security tab

    But that didn't help. A little more google and a solution is found.

    We go here - security.webmoney.ru/asp/default.asp we go to the "Confirmation of operations" and having logged in we disable this function.


    I hope someone will find this helpful.

    PS Webmoney - "Ay-yay-yay."

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