How to tame the clouds: practical examples. Start (continued)

    Continuation of the post " How to Train Your Clouds: Case Studies . Getting Started ", published earlier.

    So, for ourselves, we outlined what we roughly need. What's next? Let's move on to the specifics.
    Question : So I want my management to propose starting part of our servers as virtual machines with you. My actions? In the sense in what form it is necessary to make a request, find out the scale of the cost, etc.?
    Answer : The action plan is simple. You must contact the sales department. The manager will approximately agree the conditions, you will be given access (free for the first two weeks) and you will begin to create virtual machines. The cost calculation will be made upon setting the amount of resources for virtual machines.
    Question: What should I provide as TK? I know that I need five virtual machines, with certain characteristics, a certain network configuration, and certain OSs inside. In what form is this consistent with you?
    Answer : Nothing in any way.
    1) You called us.
    2) We sent you a link and account to access the interface of your cloud with us.
    3) You have created the virtual servers you need with the amount of resources you need. We just fix it and bill.
    The following posts will demonstrate the interface. But right now you can see how it looks in the demo zone (login: demo, password: 12345678)
    A plus of this approach is the extreme simplicity of the process organization. However, if you do not know how or do not want to do this yourself, you can send an application for this work and preparing the infrastructure for work to the company manager.
    Now a little about the functionality. First of all, to increase available resources to any virtual machine is elementary (Fig. 3).
    Thus, the test infrastructure can smoothly grow into a pilot. And when, and if, the project grows to step 3 - it is possible to migrate the acquired infrastructure without any problems already inside its server (the minimum program for this is banal copying of virtual machines: the interface has the usual Download button).
    Well, one cannot fail to note the fact that step 3 - putting the virtual desktop infrastructure into commercial operation, can also take place without acquiring your server infrastructure - if you liked hosting in the cloud. There is every chance for this.
    Among other things, further we will discuss other options for how to use :
    1. Properly made infrastructure.
    2. Good iron.
    3. vSphere and all the wealth of its features.
    4. vCloud Director.
    5. Specially trained staff.
    6. PROFIT !!!

    To be continued…

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