New Ebay tariffs and goodbye Buy it Now, hello Add to cart

    Today, eBay has announced new rates for setting lots, commissions and shopping carts. In more detail under a cat.

    One of the highlights of today's announcement is changes in lot prices and changes in sales commissions. Basically, these changes will affect sellers. Although customers will get in the form of an increased number of goods with free delivery.

    Let's see what eBay is up to.

    Tariffs for putting lots that are valid now:

    Rates that will come into effect on April 19:

    The first thing that catches your eye is that putting any lot up for auction at any price has become free! But as you know, free is only in a mousetrap.
    Firstly, the maximum possible auction fees doubled from $ 50 to $ 100.
    Secondly - at first glance it seems that nothing has changed in the percentage of commissions. But, in fact, there appeared a clarification that now these 9% will be charged on the total purchase price including delivery, and not only on the cost of the goods as before! With this step, eBay decided to put an end to speculation with delivery - when at a price of $ 55 and delivery $ 5.99 a lot was put up with an initial price of $ 0.99 and a delivery of $ 60.

    Starting in July, other tariffs will be valid for owners of eBay stores: A lower percentage than for those who do not have a store, but there is no free lot setting.

    The new tariffs will apply to goods with a fixed price.

    The commission for exhibiting goods at a fixed price will not change (approx. Subscribers are store owners):

    Here is what commission is now for a lot sold at a fixed price:


    Here are what prices will be in July:

    A couple percent lower, but the commission is again charged for the full cost of the goods, including delivery (and excluding tax if any).

    Among other things, the Buy it Now button will disappear in July, and the Add to cart button will appear instead. It will be possible to add several products to the basket, compare them and then pay for everything in one fell swoop (for now, only with paypal, but they promise to connect other payment systems). The lots on which you place a bet will automatically go into your basket. Those. until you pay, a lot set at a fixed price will not be considered sold.

    A 5% discount for sellers with PowerSeller status will also be canceled, but a 20% discount for Top Rated remains with the condition that this discount will not apply to the delivery price.

    It will also be difficult for new sellers whose first sale was less than 90 days old, had less than 25 sales, earned less than $ 250, or whose rating is below the standard - they will be given money only 3 days after eBay receives delivery confirmation or 7 days after the approximate delivery dates.

    There will be some more not so global changes, some more changes are promised for the announcement in May.

    Those who earned honestly without making money on delivery - in general, it became a little better for them, and for those who earned on the difference in delivery - it will soon be very tight.

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    PS I apologize for possible grammatical errors - a long lack of writing practice in Russian affects it. Errors can be reported by personal mail.

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