Straight line with TM. v5.0. Important survey inside

    Today is January 25, the student's day, and we seemed to have passed three sessions: we launched the English version of Habr , changed some algorithms , spent a barrel of WD-40 to unscrew the nuts , which were delayed for a decade. More than 2000 comments were sent to the announcements of these changes, many of which are full feature requests. But suddenly there were those who missed everything and would like to speak? We keep the rhythm and organize another straight line on the last Friday of the month. In Moscow, on the street there is nothing to do, we checked. So let's discuss all the issues in a warm company.

    As always, you can ask a question to any employee from the list:

    baragol - chief editor
    boomburum - head of the department for combating work with users
    buxley - CTO
    daleraliyorov - manager "Habra»
    illo - art director
    karaboz - chief of "My Circle»
    nomad_77 - The main for “Toaster”
    pas - the system administrator of
    salenda - the main one for “Freelance”
    soboleva - the main one for working with clients

    But besides the questions we want to raise a couple of topics for discussion ourselves.


    In us, the hoof beats the desire to make Habr even better, and for this we need not only tsiferki from analysts, but also lively views of the collective mind. Therefore, we did a fairly large survey in which we ask many questions about how you use Habrom. If you try, you can keep within 10-15 minutes:


    Despite the fact that the word “Donat” has firmly entered into the modern language of communication, we still like the word encouragement more. The same abbreviation PPA stands for The Author's Incentive Program - on behalf of the company, we financially encourage authors for publications that have gained high levels of user opinion. So they thought: why not add an alternative in the form of user promotion? Especially since you yourself have asked us more than once about this.

    The concept of the idea looks like this: the user specifies his account details in the account settings, these details are attached to the donate button in the author’s block under the publication.

    Donations abroad to companies and individuals are very popular and often profitable. Some publications are more valuable than books - if they met one, then why not treat the author with money? After all, you pay for a book or magazine, as well as for admission to the conference. Of course, we are realistic and not sure that this button will be in great demand with us, but why not? Superficially, everyone likes the idea inside the company. It’s not very difficult to do, but can there be any kind of pitfalls? Describe in the comments (or in PM) how you see this mechanism and how it can be improved.

    Great weekend to everyone!

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Sign in , please.

    Is the donation function necessary for authors for publications?

    Are you ready to encourage the authors of publications?

    What is the size of the promotion you consider optimal for a publication useful to you?

    What payment system do you consider optimal and convenient for donation?

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