Microsoft's response to Mozilla's opinion of IE9

Original author: Tim Sneath
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This morning, Mozilla shared her opinion on IE9, demanding an answer to the question “Is IE9 a modern browser?” While they are reluctant to recognize IE9 as “a step in the right direction,” they seem to operate on a very narrow concept of what “modern” is and I don’t think it matches what web developers and end users want to see. users

Let me help them with the definition of what we think users and developers expect from a “modern browser”:

  • Modern browsers are fast . They take full advantage of the platform for displaying graphics using the GPU, compiling and executing JavaScript using multiple CPU cores, and provide the speed of running web applications as close to the speed of native programs as possible.
  • Modern browsers provide rich, multifaceted capabilities that until now could only be provided with the help of plugins or native applications. They can display video, vector and bitmap graphics, audio and text easily, without sacrificing performance.
  • Modern browsers provide capabilities that are ready for implementation, they provide predictable patterns, and developers can be sure that the specifications will not change unexpectedly . Their support does not end with an unfinished implementation written to pass synthetic tests, but it passes a set of tests that confirm its operability .
  • Modern browsers adopt standards in the early stages of their creation, so that developers can experiment and approve specifications, but clearly outline unstable functions

The others seem to agree with this definition. The discussion on YCombinator begins with this comment:
Maybe I'm just weird, but I think that such moments as performance, reliability and a stable foundation for further development are more important than your browser supporting a hypothetical “standard”, this ongoing struggle of IE vs. Netscape Based on this, IE is currently the only one of the Big Three is moving in the right direction.

And Download Squad came to the following conclusion by analyzing Mozilla's article:
Don't be fooled, [Firefox] is a great browser, but more doesn’t necessarily mean better .

To our friends at Mozilla, we admire your passion for the open web and expect continuous competition.

From a translator: I want to note that this is the official reaction of Microsoft, and the opinion of the author of the translation may not coincide with him.

UPD: Commentary by Igor Shastitko, IT infrastructure expert at the Microsoft Ukraine Strategic Technology Department :
“No browser can be called modern if it does not have centralized management tools like 1500 GP, as in IE9. but how to control a mozilla, chrome, safari? and it is the present - administrators rushing between computers? very modern! ”
UPD2: Fixed a couple of inaccuracies in the translation. Thanks me76

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