Testing the Panasonic 3D Image Sensor D-imager

    Not so long ago (even before the appearance of Kinekt on sale), we got a hand for a week for the weekly Panasonic 3D Image Sensor D-imager . The sensor is designed for control systems that are based on gesture recognition .

    According to the principle of operation, this device is similar to Kinekt, but with a lower resolution for the output image (160x120 px) and drivers only for Windows XP.

    For a couple of days, our programmer Dmitry Sukhorukov wrote for him a simple picture grabber + socket server in order to push this picture in Flash, and added D-imager support to CCV (http://ccv.nuigroup.com/) for trying to use D -imager as a multitouch input device.

    In the remaining days, clients were written in Flash, which can be seen in this video. It is a pity that the device was taken so quickly, we just started to get a taste!


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