Amazon will launch its own video service soon

    It seems that Netflix, a popular streaming video service in the USA, will soon have a dangerous competitor, also from the USA. Amazon Corporation, which has recently been trying to supplement the range of its business lines with other services, is launching its own video streaming service. This service will provide customers with video content in the form of films, TV shows on a monthly subscription basis. Such services are now continuing to gain popularity, and Amazon, of course, is not averse to getting its own share of the video broadcast market pie . Some time ago, Amazon launched the Amazon Video on Demand service, but this is only a faint resemblance to the upcoming service.

    So far, representatives of the company itself have not given official comments, but an “anonymous source” reported this to several news agencies, including Bloomberg. Generally speaking, all of these “anonymous sources” that post secret information that seems to be a good way to start a PR campaign of a product or service long before it enters the market. As a result, when a service or product is ready, everyone already knows about it and waits. Well, and if something has not “grown together”, then you can always say that these are only rumors and “we never, never planned such a thing.”

    The company’s management is currently in talks with major copyright holders and television channels, including Time Warner, NBC Universal and Viacom. Interestingly, despite the absence of official comments, it is already known from somewhere that the service from Amazon will be available for PC users, and for Microsoft Xbox 360 and for some other devices.

    Quite revealing is the relatively recent purchase of Lovefilm, a company that develops video rental services for web users. Soon after this purchase, rumors began to circulate about the possible launch of a video service, which gradually change their status from “maybe” to “will be soon”.

    In general, the probability of the appearance of such a service is already 100%, so all that remains is to wait for the appearance of such a service in order to evaluate its capabilities. Yes, all the same “anonymous sources” claim that the video service from Amamzon can compete not only with Netflix, but also with Apple iTunes, Hulu and other other services.

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