Skype bought Qik service

    A fairly well-known service Qik, which is a kind of hybrid of a social network, video hosting and chat for mobile devices, was bought by Skype. Qik was founded back in 2006, and has since become quite popular. It is worth noting that the value of the company, determined by experts, amounted to about $ 100 million. According to rumors, Skype bought the company at a higher price (the exact amount of the transaction, unfortunately, remains unknown, but TechcСrunch writes about $ 150 million).

    Now the transaction is undergoing a number of standard procedures, and the completion of the transfer of Qik's assets to Skype should be expected by the end of January this year. It is worth noting that one of the founders of the startup is a Russian citizen, Nikolai Abkairov. He currently holds the position of Qik Technical Director. The startup development team is located in Zelenograd, but the sales department, investor relations department and other similar departments are located in California. A startup is hosted in a reliable data center, the same place where some of the Facebook servers are located.

    Soon, according to company management, the introduction of Qik technologies in Skype is expected. I would also hope for the development of the mobile version of Skype using new technologies. Neil Stevens, one of the leaders of Skype, promised that soon Qik technologies will be used to optimize video transmission over wireless networks. Currently, this is a rather urgent problem, since video calls are made in 41.5% of all calls within the Skype network.

    By the way, over the past year there has been a noticeable increase in international Skype traffic. According to experts, the volume of such traffic on the Web has increased by about 100%. This situation played a rather significant role in the purchase of Qik, as buyers were interested in video streaming technology, a video concurrent service and the Qik cloud infrastructure in general.

    In general, we hope that this purchase will benefit Skype, which continues to delight us with good communication and a generally good service (we will not recall recent problems, they are not so often with Skype, right?).

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