Online Database Schema Generator

    I want to introduce the dbdsgnr database schema generator online . The service is made on python and google app engine. You can log in to it having an account in Google. Briefly about the service: you draw the database schema, and the service creates the code for you. At the moment, you can get it only for MySQL, but promise support for PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, MSSql, Oracle. Under kat an example of work with this service.

    First, create a table by clicking on the appropriate button and giving it a name.

    Then we create the fields in the table. A field can be either a simple type or a link to another table, if we already have several.

    When everything is ready, we give our circuit a name and save it.

    After that, click on the sql magic button and the code in front of us.

    Profit! In my opinion, a rather interesting and visual tool.

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