How to grow to a billion dollars in the delivery of happiness?

    Review of Tony Shay’s book “Zappos: Delivering Happiness. From Zero to Billion: The History of Creating an Outstanding Company First Hand. ”

    There was already a review on Habré, but after reading the review I did not see the inspiration that I felt when I read the book. In a sense, the book for me, which is 5 years in business, in electronic commerce, with clear goals in front of me, has become a revelation and support where it was needed. I saw Tony Shay very similar to my moral and moral struggle in his enterprise.

    Therefore, I decided to post my review, which may cause a stronger "WOW-feeling" in the reader.


    From the first lines, I missed reading Tony's first steps in entrepreneurship: a worm-breeding farm, print badges, a newspaper, a set of magic tricks. Following this, I began to get annoyed by the biographical story of the life of young Tony and his failures or successes, interspersed with tales of his personal life. But then I just swallowed page after page and could not stop, so exciting was the biographical story of Tony about his successes and failures, and the way to build a business for a billion.

    Who is the book for?

    To all entrepreneurs, owners and managers of large companies. Anyone who cares about building a corporate culture and a successful brand.

    Especially: the owner of online stores

    What is the book about:

    • About startup mistakes
    • About building a corporate culture
    • About the highest brand and company values
    • About the right market choice for a company
    • About long-term planning and development of a company
    • About happiness

    Key points of the book

    Some points that I considered basic in the book.

    For startups

    In the first chapters, Tony very vividly and vividly describes many of his mistakes and ideas that helped create the startup bought by Microsoft for 265 million. How to choose the right market for development, how to start playing in the market, about a long-term strategy. And why, in the end, the project in which he invested his soul became a disappointment for him.

    About brand building and creating a corporate culture

    Before reading this book, I heard and read a lot about corporate culture, but it seemed to me a kind of “spherical horse in a vacuum,” I still did not understand what it was and why it was needed? A set of rules that the whole company follows?

    After reading about Zappos, I realized that corporate culture is the values ​​that the company and every employee of the company live at work, in the family, in people. Living with these values, each employee creates the Zappos brand. Yes, that's right - the company's brand and corporate culture are a single whole.

    The only book that gave a vivid and clear concept of the relationship of corporate culture and brand.

    About customer acquisition

    “We spent a ton of money on road advertising called“ gaining market share. ” This is a great strategy - if your goal is to raise as much money as possible in the shortest possible time. " At the same time, Zappos reached a turnover of one billion dollars. What he did? He brought happiness!

    About the right business vision

    What is the relationship between poker and business? Understanding these rules of the game leads to victory in the long run. Common misconceptions (amateurish rules) can bring only temporary benefits, but only those who play can optimally win.

    For me, the head of "poker" was a great revelation, which opened my eyes to the correct vision of the business.

    Oh happiness

    Thanks to the book, I picked up a pen and wondered what I really want to achieve in the end? Happiness. What for? To enjoy the life that I love so much, to give happiness to all the people close and dear to me. Making them both yourself and the world is better. What for? Because everything is interconnected. Making you happier than others, you rejoice with them, in turn, these people give their happiness to you and yourself. I’m doing the world better, you’re doing better yourself, too. you live in this world and everything that you do will invariably return to you.

    Here is the conclusion I made for myself. And what conclusion do you make for yourself?

    Online shopping

    The whole essence of the interest in the book by the owner or head of the online store fits into a couple of words: “How has the online store achieved billions in revenue in 10 years?” Detailed, lively and exciting.

    Emotions :)

    What I learned about Zappos made me feel “WOW”. Inspired, intrigued. After reading it, I became a committed Zappos customer, although I have not yet made a single purchase. And this is exactly what Zappos achieves for each client. A company focused on real values, promoting them not in word but in deed.

    Do you create a “WOW” feeling with your customers? Do you want to know how Zappos did it, reaching a billion dollar turnover in 10 years?

    Then be sure to right now grab a book in your hands, a pen for notes and start reading!

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