Please write your opinion on the idea

    Good afternoon!

    Recently I came up with the idea of ​​using SVN to backup site files (meaning not saving source files, but user content / logs / etc).

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    I see the following advantages in this:
    • SVN is a free tool;
    • Ease of backup;
    • Ease of backup recovery (and, of any version and to any computer);
    • A backup is made of only the changed items;
    • Convenient work with history;
    • Convenient configuration of the contents of the backup (what to include in the backup and what not);

    I also see the following "cons" of this approach:

    Please write in the comments your opinion:
    - What other disadvantages do you see in creating backups using SVN?
    - Ways to address deficiencies.
    - Suggestions for creating backups in other ways.

    On the Internet, mostly descriptions of what commands you need to write in bat files are needed so that the site is backed up to SVN. For some reason, there is almost no discussion of the advantages and disadvantages.
    I found several links to such discussions, but no definite conclusion can be drawn from them.

    - When backup using SVN, folder rights are not saved (thanks to alexey_uzhva for lack )

    Although the topic was mined, it still turned out to be very useful for me.
    So far I plan to get to know Bacula better - judging by the reviews, it’s a powerful and convenient tool for backups.

    Thank you all for the discussion!

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