Intel Accepts McAfee Acquisition

    Even this summer, or rather, in August, it became known that Intel was willing to acquire the antivirus company McAfee. The transaction value is quite high - $ 7.68 billion. U.S. antitrust monitors immediately drew attention to this deal, and began to check its legality, as happens in such cases. By the way, this deal is the largest in the history of Intel.

    The corporation decided to buy MacAfee in order to expand its influence in the fast-growing segment of the market for network security applications. Today it became known that the US Antimonopoly Commission approved the deal, so that it will be completed in the near future. True, there is another problem - European antitrust monitors, however, Europeans often wait for the decision of their American colleagues, and then make a similar decision.

    Analysts believe that there should be no particular problems in considering the deal by European lawmakers, so very soon MacAfee will really go under Intel. Naturally, after the transaction is completed, Intel will immediately begin integrating the MacAfee infrastructure into its own structure. It seems that in a couple of months, we will not hear about any new product in a new field of activity for Intel.

    It is also worth noting that Intel does not always have warm relations with the antitrust authorities of the United States or Europe. Last year, for example, the corporation was fined $ 1.45 billion for actions that violate antitrust laws of the European Union.

    Now Intel representatives do not comment on the situation, responding that work with the EU continues.

    Via CNET

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