Sony has announced a music service

    Rumors have long been circulating about Sony’s new online music service, and today the service has been launched. By the way, the service is available for owners of many multimedia devices from Sony: Bravia TV series, Sony PS3, Vaio laptops, Blu-ray players and other gadgets. The user payment scheme introduced by developers can be considered quite successful - there is a fixed monthly fee that allows you to listen to an unlimited number of recordings per month. The disadvantages of the service include the inability to download files.

    Not so long ago, the corporation bought Gracenote, whose technologies were used to develop a new service. Currently, the database of music files has about 6 million songs. In technical terms, the service is a cloud platform that allows you to listen to music files in good quality. In order to listen to the music provided by the service, you need to download and install specialized software.

    Unfortunately, now this service works only in the UK and Ireland. Soon, at the beginning of next year, the company promises to launch the service in many other countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the USA and others. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether the service will be open for users from the CIS countries. The cost of a monthly subscription, depending on the type of subscription, is 4-10 pounds.

    The service also has one more drawback - it is not yet available for owners of mobile devices, however, developers will soon promise to correct this misunderstanding.

    Well, another music streaming service has appeared, which, one might think, will compete with the closest rivals. It is still difficult to say what advantages the service has, distinguishing it from a number of its own kind. Let's hope that soon there will be an opportunity to test the Sony music service.

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