Thanks to AdWords for congratulations.

    AdWords celebrates its 10th anniversary.
    They sent an excellent thank-you video to their advertisers as a gift.
    Individual for each advertiser!
    Watch carefully!

    If you only noticed the site address on the moon at the end, then you missed something.

    The AdWords team has brought in the best scientists to come up with how to thank their publishers (advertisers).
    But unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly with them.

    First, the bees on the remote control try to gather in the sky in the form of the address of your site, but something goes wrong and it is barely noticeable.
    Then a giant pyramid of 10 million domino seeds after the fall shows the address of your site, but not everything is smooth here and the helicopter blows it off.
    And finally, at the end of almost victory, for a few seconds a giant laser projects the address of your site on the moon for a few seconds.

    Isn’t it original?

    PS This is not an advertisement for a site + it is insured against the habraeffect.

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