Student site 2.0

    I think that everyone who received or is getting a higher education had situations when there was an urgent need for finished work. Moreover, there were many small sites hosted by local craftsmen. The idea of ​​creating a site that would collect all the files in one archive, and students in one community, literally floated to the surface. Therefore, it was decided to develop such a resource. It is called


    To collect bit by bit what accumulated over the years in the bins of Runet, several classes of regular expressions were written that parsed data from different archives, separating grains from the chaff. Based on these classes, Sergey Frolov implemented a special bot that searched for the information that was needed for the archive. Indexing took several days (time was reduced due to the fact that some resources were specified manually), after which the database was processed.

    It was possible to collect data primarily for universities such as St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, MATI, MSU, MIET, MIEM, SPbSU ITMO, FINEC, REU named after G.V. Plekhanova, Orel State Technical University, MTUSI, USATU


    When a person needs to urgently find something, he usually does not have time for tedious registration. Therefore, we made a simple registration - in just one click. Nevertheless, we fully identify the user in the system, allowing us to track downloads, rating and other parameters.

    We also added the ability to download paid files for users who earned their rating on high-quality free ones. The scheme here is approximately the following: if I study well and upload my work to the site, then after a while my rating (which is similar to the rating on the hub - it is also determined by the users of the resource) becomes sufficient so that I can upload files and set the cost of their download.

    Community help

    Students' needs are not limited to just downloading files. Many just need advice or a hint. Therefore, we have implemented the “Questions” service . The user can ask any question, while using the special mathematical syntax to, for example, write an integral or a mathematical formula.

    Technological background

    Of course, a few words about what is interesting to geeks. All this stuff rests on the shoulders of memcache and a special caching script on node.js, whose code is still hidden. But the code of the instant comment server (based on COMET) and the pseudo-dropdown element in JS is open. Sources can be found in this repository . In the near future, we plan to post in the public domain several more interesting solutions that were implemented in the process of working on the service. This is primarily a CAPTCHA remote input service, complex caching in memcache and a special class that makes it easy to organize authorization through social networks.

    With respect to the habrasociety, team

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