It is two thousand years big ...

    Sometime in my youth, my parents advised me to study more and spend less time on not the most useful activities — home games (including computer games), evening clubs, and so on. Of course, they were a little embarrassed by the impressive fees of professional computer players, but not so much so that I could play enough plenty. Oddly enough, my current job is absolutely not in line with their expectations.

    In certain cases, the brain of a sleeping person is capable of solving complex tasks, moreover, such ones that a waking person is not capable of. Why? First, it is the ultimate concentration. In a dream, the brain ignores a lot of signals from our body, and most importantly, the flow of data from the sense organs becomes dramatically less. And if we add here the absence of distractions, it turns out to be a quite good computer. The main thing is to want to solve the problem ...

    And every day I play games and try to solve problems. Every day I play and sleep. 180 minutes of play, 60 minutes of sleep, lunch. Then 120 minutes of play, 60 minutes of sleep, report. First, I get used to the rules of the game, find effective solutions, win (and lose). Then I remember the task before going to bed and fall asleep, trying to apply the accumulated knowledge. And so every day. About once a month, a mandatory change of subject. For example, now I have a topic - optimization of supply processes for retail. And because all the games are connected with this: trading simulators, freight simulators and a number of others. It would seem that all this can be delegated to a powerful computer with a large memory, but they are simply forbidden.

    By the beginning of the XXI century, many people seriously believed that it was too late to rely on a person: cars think faster, copies of cars are created faster, cars have a large filling variation. However, another experiment of scientists (this time the Massachusetts machine) once again changed the future. If you convey the essence, then a group of scientists from the university of the same name decided to create a combat robot capable of choosing means and intermediate targets. The military gave the researchers money with joy, as even the most modest expectations were truly ambitious. A combat robot had to be able not just to choose the optimal path and method for performing a combat mission. He should have been able to find the means, study the enemy, be able to retreat. And all this logic should be determined by the robot itself. That is, instead of an opponent’s indiscriminate attack, the car (ideally) should have first studied it (including having rummaged through the Internet), to find weaknesses. Find the necessary equipment (weapons, ammunition, fuel), be able to make it. Then test your hypotheses (simulation? Test?), Find a convenient time (catch the victim on the bridge?), And only then attack. The result was a trailer SUV as a brain and semi-independent robotic manipulators. The brain transmitted radio commands to the manipulators and received data from them. The result was a trailer SUV as a brain and semi-independent robotic manipulators. The brain transmitted radio commands to the manipulators and received data from them. The result was a trailer SUV as a brain and semi-independent robotic manipulators. The brain transmitted radio commands to the manipulators and received data from them.

    The experiment was successful, the military got their toy. However, at some point, everything went a bit wrong, and the robots rebelled. According to official data, the following happened: one of the robots received an unclear goal. As a result, he realized that it was easier and faster to kill the allies than to deal with the enemy of the state. To stop the first robot released several others, but they decided to do the same. As a result, by losing a large number of resources (including human), the machine turned out to be stopped, and as a reward for the battle, we have a ban on computers more powerful than a certain number of kilowatts.

    Back in my childhood I wondered: how are cities designed? I was interested in the process (and I saw the result when I stood in a bus in a traffic jam). When designing, it is necessary not only to take into account purely technical aspects (there should be shops near the houses that can serve all families), and also to competently integrate the landscape. Plus, the same areas should be expandable, there must be a wasteland inside, to which it will be possible to return in 10 years. And even more interesting is how to correctly use this most reserved waste ground in an already rebuilt area? Just a few months ago, I participated in the design of a series of new cities.

    Initially, the task was simple: to make several plans for new southern cities near the sea. Business should initially be built on hotels, then on the production of goods for holidaymakers (including souvenirs and national products), then on factories where successful products will be made for export. The simple idea of ​​a city is to study the desires of vacationers and send the most efficient products to their countries. And I solved this task about a month. I beat a number of urban simulators, organized the delivery of goods, placed disparate objects on the ground to get synergy (a store near the hotel helps save on hotel dinners and on the profit of the store owner). And time after time I fell asleep, trying to present the most successful idea of ​​the city, the most efficient arrangement of streets. Regardless of me, a dozen more of my colleagues worked. After the deadline, the commission received several ideas and plans for the city.

    Some ten years ago, such tasks required the laborious work of qualified specialists. Now they only choose the best solutions, relying on their own experience. Naturally, then minor improvements and improvements will be required, however, there will be no radical changes and alterations. I can forget to make the sidewalk near the bridge - the engineer for this object will instantly correct the mistake. The main thing is to have a bridge on the map.

    After 15 minutes I go to work. I will play and sleep. I will think, once the machines are banned.

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