The creator of and Internet communications specialist at TELE2 Alexander Blokhin

    Ninth edition of the SMC podcast with creator of and internet communications specialist at TELE2 Alexander Blokhin. Podcasts are one of the areas of activity of Social Media Club Moscow . Guests are typically social media communications experts.

    Alexander Blokhin talks about his vision of the social media market and about the project.

    The program:
    - Which is better, work in an agency or with a client? Two worlds of advertising.
    - SMM market: what was it like before, what is it now?
    - What SMM methods do you consider unethical?
    - The personnel situation in the SMM market.
    - Why in RuNet there is no Mashable of its own and is the creation of сossa.ruan attempt to make up for this situation?
    - What is kossa and why is it called that?
    - What is the project's strategy for working with authors?
    - С projects : rating of agencies and vacancies.

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