Paper airplane sent to the stratosphere

    We all made paper airplanes in childhood. But did anyone ever think of sending this airplane into the stratosphere? But three British aircraft enthusiasts decided to put it into practice.

    They made a paper model with a wingspan of slightly less than a meter, hung a Canon A560 camera and a GPS transmitter on it - and launched it upwards on a helium balloon.

    The plane climbed 27,400 meters until the ball exploded. Then, in an hour and a half, he planned to the ground, taking photos and videos along the way .

    The airplane was found in the forest 161 km from the launch site.

    The cost of operation PARIS (Paper Aircraft Released Into Space) is about 13 thousand dollars. Something too much, for sure it can be cheapened. It seems that today anyone can launch such a “spaceship” and look at their hometown from an altitude of 25-30 km. The main thing is then to find a camera .

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