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    Here I am so gullible that I visited from my phone for several months and have never checked the balance of “before” and “after”.
    But today the day has come when I did it ...

    ... and what do you think?

    How could it be otherwise? Denyushka then leaks ... and so, imperceptibly, 73 cents for each connection.

    I won’t be long and tedious to tell how I proved this to the support, how the girl operators didn’t understand me, how they tortured me “why should you go to this site for FREE?”, Etc.

    I’d better bring a shortened, but not in content, but in size, dialogue with senior specialist Eugenia.

    - they charge me money for visiting from my phone
    - I check ... no, they don’t
    - but the balance is decreasing
    - you are being charged 73 kopecks per connection to the Internet
    - with which Internet, for which connection? I have a bookmark in the browser on this site and, clicking on it, I immediately get there.
    - before you get to the site, your phone dials to our server, some traffic is consumed and rounded up, so the money
    is debited from you - I don’t know anything, my contract does not say anything about connection charges. Only for traffic, but since I go to the site, access to which is free, I owe nothing to anyone.
    - Let me refund you your money for the last two times when you noticed that the money is debited?
    - no, let's all the time from the first of July
    - mmmm ... (pause of 20 seconds) well ... I will return you 70 rubles.
    - excellent, do not forget to make sure that this money is no longer withdrawn.
    - unfortunately I can not.
    - it’s clear that YOU can’t, then fill out the application, and I will call you in time, and again you will return the money to me.
    “I won’t refund you the next time.”
    - okay, bye!

    It seems like not a happy end, but they returned me 70p, thereby admitting their fraud.

    Talk Time: 11/3/2010 2:56 p.m. (gmt + 3)

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