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From the useful to the confusing, for the big-time players and for unknown personalities, TIME presents a “guide” to all the best that is on the Internet.

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Music and video

Vimeo Vimeo is a video streaming service of choice for creative people - from recordings on Indie Darling to hits on YouTube. For occasional Vimeo viewers

- This is the place for short, pretend artistry video clips. Search for “President,” and you will see a pop-up, humorous animated video book that conveys the entire history of the presidency of George W. Bush. Enter the same word into a search on YouTube and you will find relevant music videos and excerpts from old news. Feel the difference? The site recently announced a new HTML5 built-in player, compatible with Apple’s unsupported flash format devices, as well as the new Vimeo channel for Roku cable box, which directs the stream of broadcasts as well as your selected broadcasts directly to your TV screen.


Need to find a scene from your favorite movie? With over 12,000 movie clips available , MovieclipsIt has one of the most comprehensive collections available on the Internet - and there is no need to get confused among duplicates. You can search by movie title, hero, actor, or keyword. Search results for the word “battle” provide an interesting archive of fragments from the Rocky movie, fights on ancient swords and even one or two battles with pillows, and a search for the phrase “first kiss” will return famous scenes of kisses from films about Romeo, Scarlet O'Hara and the heroes of the musical "Briolin". But "Movieclips" is more than just a catalog of films, as it has its own zest. Using the built-in editor, users can easily create their own video collages. To get started, we selected The Wizard of Oz, and in less than 10 minutes, we were able to create a ready-made collage.


Grooveshark , a free online streaming music center, is a fastidious music listening service that depends on what users download. This site has one of the most complete libraries than any other music site (we often find here songs that are not on the Pandora and MOG sites), users can create and save their own playlists, or trust the choice of songs on the Grooveshark radio station in Pandora style by clicking on images of emoticons and a sad panda to rate songs. Free has never sounded so good.


Located in Berkeley, California, MOG’s Subscriber Streaming Serviceprovides unlimited listening for a very low monthly fee. The basic package with a monthly fee of $ 4.99 per month enables users to listen to all available streaming music, while the Primo package for $ 9.99 per month includes downloadable tunes with quality up to 320 kbps, which you can listen to on your computer or your mobile device by disconnecting from the Internet. As a bonus, you get the option to synchronize all selected playlists on your phone with lists on your computer and vice versa. Plus, there is no annoying limit on the number of times you can “skip this song”. The service allows you to listen to any song as often as you want, so skip as much as you like.


The beautiful interactive user site invites visitors to “draw” music. For the first single of the debut album of the Spanish group Labuat - the song "Soy Tu Aire" web designers picked up a unique interactive brush; Those who can control the mouse well can draw a picture as they want. Try it and then click Replay (play again), and get a mesmerizing sensation, well, or click Record (record) and send your “moving” picture to a friend. This is too exciting an activity to not do.

Sports sites


On August 5, 2010, former Los Angeles Lakers star Shaquille O'Neal woke up one of the League's longest-running fights by signing a contract with the hated Boston Celtics (Boston Celtics) team. This transition brought NBA fans to a state of inquisitive excitement: When was Shack the last time playing for Los Angeles? How many years have passed since the last time he played in the champion team? What place did he take among the best players for the entire existence of the League? This is a universal site with answers to all these questions. The site contains statistics and results of games in seven sports - baseball, football, basketball, hockey, college football, college basketball and the Olympic Games - linking the past with the present of all professional sports teams and athletes. Moreover, it is updated right during the game season, delivering the latest facts and figures to your computer.


Fantastic sports teams require constant attention and care. As for the real head coaches, the key to creating a winning situation on the field, court or distance is the presence of a healthy active team. Rotoworld is your 24-hour nanny, delivering the latest information on team actions, injuries, and rising stars. Connected to, the player news feed includes time-sorted advertisements for the Major Baseball League, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the NASCAR races, golf events and college football events. Each of the news includes a short excerpt and a link to the source,


Facts and Figures mean nothing to you. After four hours of sitting in a basketball game, the scoreboard scores boredom. All you can think about is the gossip heard in the after-game broadcast, supposedly the player of the home team had a fight with his father-in-law in the parking lot. Together with, Yardbarker closely follows all the flashy news among the sports headlines of the morning newspapers. For those who like to track all sorts of behavioral abnormalities, Yardbarker provides the “Hot 40” athletes who do something right (or wrong) to catch the eye of the public.

Total pro sports

Frustrated that America is fixated only on popular sports? If the Sports Center of the cable television network of sports and entertainment programs does not support your extravagant looks, then Total Pro Sports can constitute a serious alternative to it. The site proudly offers videos of rare moments, from a Hungarian priest who rides on a skateboard, to the best sports-themed toys that are in the Happy Mil from McDonald's. Among the regular columns are “Daily gaming bets” for those who sleep and see how to win big in Vegas, as well as “Daily statistical evening news feed” for science fiction fans. And last but not least, there’s a whole page dedicated to thinking about the Ontario Hockey League, the organization that runs the Canadian Junior Games.

Citizen Sports

With technology that is literally at their fingertips, sports fans are at the forefront of the move towards creating active news channels. For those who love the yellow press with rumors and gossip, Citizen Sports»Compiles its content in such a way as to combine sporting events with communication on social networks. Together with Yahoo! Sporting Events, the site’s main landmark is its Citizen Sports Center, which provides subscribers with a customizable news feed posted on their homepage with news about their favorite teams. The company's free Sportacular app for use on the iPhone allows fans to share their opinions through predictions and comments on upcoming games. Users can also plunge into the secular waves of March madness or fantastic football and keep in touch with friends and opponents in the online community.

Family and Children

Design Mom

Interior designer Gabrielle Blair has a hectic life. Having six children - yes, six - one could assume that her design talents would not go beyond diapers. However, Blair’s articles on her popular Design Mom websiteabout how design is combined with motherhood suggest that somehow it can still be combined: a large family, a keen eye and creativity. Read her articles on the art of cutting fingerprints from paper, updating halls, and — we almost forgot — about the birth of her daughter in May. Just don't hate her for perfection.

Serious Eats

Tired of cooking potato sticks and chicken legs? Then refer to Serious Eats"For people-tested recipes, videos, and blog posts about everything you can chew. Read about oatmeal ice cream from Washington, DC, or how to have a joint female lunch when the kids go back to school, or learn how to cook grilled corn with chili-lime oil - yum-yum! The proposed recipes will satisfy even the most discriminating gourmets in your home, although, of course, you can first ask for their consent before serving sandwiches with kimchi and cheese (on the grill) at the next family picnic.


This online magazine shows how cool it is to be parents, the entire period from pregnancy to the child's adolescence. Learn how to choose a child’s name that will be popular on Facebook and Google, how to prepare for the school year, and how to dress your little girl in the fashion of her daughters in Real Housewives from New Jersey (yes okay, you yourself know that you are watching them). The Babble website also has sections for daddies and future daddies, where you can usefully pass the time while cable advertising is on.


This is an online bazaar selling fashionable clothes, toys and handmade home furnishings. This shopping forum is an integrated service store for every family, where they buy goods for home decoration, clothes for children and toys for adults. Are you desperate to find a suicidal gift for relatives who have “everything?” Buy Star Wars wine glasses. Are you looking for something unique in your kid’s nursery that is already clogged with all kinds of toys on wheels? What about a copy of the fire truck, police car and ambulance in the pickledpumpkins shop online store? Often, only one copy of each type of product is put up for sale at a time, so they quickly sell out. If this happens, contact the author of the toy by email and he may help you get the same copy,

Sesame Street

Let's face it, the children's program " Sesame Street " is not only educational; she quickly becomes a pleasant habit. This site offers a great opportunity so that the magic does not end all day, learning hot details about all the heroes of the show. Do you know that Abby Cadabby’s birthday is October 21 and her favorite song “Little Spider”? Or is Tellie Monster's best friend a Teddy Bear? Even your children can play educational games - just don’t tell them that they are educational - and watch videos with old friends like Korzhik, Birds, Vlas and Enik. During a quiet hour, parents can look into the section on how to put the family on its feet in difficult economic times. Yes, even Sesame Street can be serious.

News and Information


It seems that no other newspaper printed on paper takes full advantage of all the advantages that the digital age provides like Guardian . This British newspaper not only provides original and comprehensive information by posting it on the best newspaper website in the world, but it has also developed an excellent set of mobile phone applications that allow you to distribute content across various mobile platforms. But perhaps the most unusual is that despite the fact that other British newspapers hid their contents behind the payment fence, The Guardianon the contrary, it has opened itself to the world as much as possible, offering free access to more than 1 million archived articles and providing developers with tools for creating applications that will modify the newspaper’s vast information base.

The Onion

While we were still picking up our weekly print publication, Onion”Has already developed a multimedia empire of bold - and always satirical - material. Respecting its long history, The Onion has provided its archive for more than twenty years; at the same time, The Onion is still active today, presenting 2 times a day video parodying everything: from the American cable television network C-Span to the Today Show morning program and ESPN sports cable television. Also here every day there are laid out audio podcasts (known as Onion Radio News), as well as some of the funniest slide shows on the Internet. At the same time, any serious connoisseur of skill will tell you that among the materials on the entertainment site AV

The Daily Beast

A must-see for any serious news lover on this website is not just the level of writers who gather on Tina Brown's The Daily Beast . Also a big role is played by the desire of the publishers of the site to select and highlight the most important headlines of the day so that you can quickly find out about the most important events. As a news site, The Daily Beast has a threefold function: it identifies trends, is a deep analytical center for exchanging information about events and views, and thanks to a detailed and understandable cheat sheet, it saves your time well.

National Geographic

Before diving into the digital world of National Geographic", Make sure that you have enough free time available, because you can quietly rummage for hours in the bowels of the global ecosystem and other important environmental issues that other sites simply bypass. From amazing collections of photographs of natural objects to in-depth sections on the most pressing environmental issues, such as reducing the number of clean water sources and the prospects for creating renewable energy sources, the National Geographic website reveals many natural wonders - as well as its greatest dangers. Moreover, all this is complemented by an impressive array of interactive maps and games. Feel how were you confined to a desk? Let the scene reports take you from an office building in New York City or a service office in Bentonville, Arkansas to a wave-exploring research vessel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t blame us if you miss a meeting with your marketing team at 15:00.


Launched in 2006, the site “ WikiLeaks"- an anonymous forum of leaked secrets - in the first year of its existence alone, it collected more than a million documents, creating a reputation for itself as an invaluable resource of public disclosures and public control. But the site reached great fame on July 25 this year, providing tens of thousands of documents related to the war in Afghanistan for public viewing, unleashing controversy in the press and among great experts on politics regarding the conduct and prospects of this war. Many observers, pointing out military errors such as fire on their own and civilian casualties, also outlining the picture of the conflict, which is taking place in a much more severe form than everyone thought, compared the July 25 information leak to the publication of Pentagon documentation during the Vietnam War.

Finance and Productivity


If you are trying to tighten your belt tight and accelerate the accumulation of funds for retirement, then you will not be able to find a better analytical resource on the Internet than . This site will allow you to simultaneously track all the main bank accounts: check issuing, savings, credit cards, loans and investments. Also, “Mint” will help you break your habits regarding spending money, providing the ability to track the movement of each dollar. Due to the fact that account data is updated every 24 hours, users can freely enter the issue of financial management into their daily routine. The site can be used absolutely free, but at the same time it is encoded to protect all your confidential financial information.


Look at Wikinvest as a continuation of the services of the Mint website for your investment portfolio. The site synchronizes its data with the data of brokerage houses to receive information in real time, so that users can track their relative market characteristics, as well as find material about companies. Consider this a site where user-provided information meets official statistics, something like Wikipedia plus Yahoo! Finance ". This summer, this site has become even more advanced, announcing its intention to start sending out messages through which news about your investments will be sent directly to your email address, on your iPhone or iPad .


Don't just read about the stock exchange; soak with it. This is visually possible thanks to the StockMapper website , which not only provides a table of statistical data of all stock shares. Using the so-called “heat card”, its columns are painted in different colors in accordance with the relative market value of certain securities. Developed by German Zhegner from the TWO-N design studio in New York, the site provides users with the ability to manage heatmaps by grouping by criteria of geographic region, type of industry, alphabetical index, price changes, trade volume and total market value of the company. Isn't that cool?


Promising the opportunity to tag, organize and organize literally everything in your life, websiteSpringpad really excelled in 2010 with the release of a mobile phone app that allows users to search, catch, and organize everything literally on the fly. Write and save notes, synchronize contact lists, enter and then delete items in the lists of planned tasks, determine the location of shops and restaurants, use satellite-based coordinates to find the nearest outlets, scan bar codes of goods that you would like to remember or learn about them more. " Springpad"Is just a big information dump. In addition to the simple accumulation of information, you can then organize it and easily find what you need using a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer; The program also synchronizes between different devices.


wakerupperIs a simple site that provides a sophisticated service. Enter your phone number, assign a date and time, add a message that will be read out by electronic voice on the computer and voila: your number will be dialed just when you planned. This service can be used as a universal alarm clock or as a timely reminder, but most of all we like to call it a “free pass for release from prison”. Are you leaving for a first date or a premiere in the city and would like to have a backup route just in case? Program this call of a computer robot, and then decide at the right time: is it just a mistake in the number or do you need to run and save a friend or girlfriend?

Trade and tourism


Combine impulsive purchases with big discounts and you will get “ Groupon ”, a site that offers daily discounted places in restaurants, beauty salons and other attractive places in more than 90 cities of the USA and Canada. Serving 29 countries, Groupon works with local companies to provide one-day discounts; if enough people get a discount coupon, it will take effect, often reducing prices by half, if not more. Groupon has spawned an infinite number of similar group shopping sites, such as LivingSocial, BuyWithMe and Yipit, to name just a few, but not one of them has such a global reach as Groupon.

Gilt groupe

High fashion is becoming available on this site even with the current economic downturn. « The Gilt Groupe » offers discounts on three-day fashions, gifts, household goods and travel. For most people, prices will still seem quite high, for example, a bag worth $ 600 will sell for $ 229. But if you are looking for a rare opportunity to indulge your weaknesses or a special gift for your loved one, here you can purchase high-quality goods without having to lay your own house to buy it. Gifts simply carry an aura of exclusivity, since a discount on them can only be obtained by special invitation, but all you need to do is register and wait, and you will eventually get inside.

Rent the runway

Unless you are one of those who often appears on the red carpet of official ceremonies, you do not often have to dress up with clothes from famous designers. Well, since formal events do not happen so often, it will be a waste to give a ton of money for one dress. « Rent the Runway”Offers a solution to this issue, allowing you to rent expensive outfits and jewelry for only 10% of their cost in the store. The company will send you a dress in two different sizes, in order to guarantee that it will be just right for you, and you can use it for four or eight days. When you don’t need it anymore, you will mail it in a package that the company will provide you with, and Rent the Runway will hand it in for dry cleaning. This site will allow you to become a girl who never wears a dress more than once.


Although there are a lot of travel agency sites on the Internet, people still carry guides with them when they go on vacation. However, why not save some space in your luggage and plan your trip online? Recommendations in which hotels to stay, in which restaurants to dine, which tourist attractions to visit, sorted by popularity, cost and location. Everything that interests you will be collected in a convenient guidebook, where the maps will show all the places you have chosen that you only need to collapse and put in your pocket while walking and getting new impressions of the trip. You can also share your guidebook with friends so that they are envious of the joy and fun that you get from the trip.


Are you always in the worst places on the plane? Well, you know, such a seat next to the toilet, with a back that does not recline, and a footrest that disappeared. Everyone is familiar with this situation. As well as the creators of the SeatGuru website , which compiled seat maps for all passenger aircraft and designated places on them that you should try to get and which should be avoided. Just enter your flight information and SeatGuru will indicate places that have more legroom, more convenient luggage lockers, and better armrests, which will make your flight a little more pleasant and easier.

Health & Fitness


Everyone has different health needs and Keas»Will take care of your health to a whole new level. Founded by a former Google Health executive, Keas aims to create personalized health programs for individual users, taking personal medical information into account with general health tips. Companies such as Quest Diagnostics interact with Keas by entering personal data, such as blood tests, into the site database. You can register for a variety of care plans, including those that focus on cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure, that will give you tips and reminders, and Keas will make you personalized plans for what you need to do. In addition, the site gives you the opportunity to chat in a community made like Facebook.

Mayo Clinic

Before people run to the doctor, they are more likely to turn to Google. Although it is useful to gather information, a simple search such as “how to relieve a headache” can produce fake tips and pseudoscientific tips. The website of the famous Mayo Clinic provides sound, easy-to-follow recommendations along with sound medical advice. The site offers an encyclopedic disease index and a symptom index to help you see what a headache can mean. Since the editorial staff employs doctors of medical sciences, you can be sure that you have received information from experts, although nothing can replace a visit to a real doctor.

Walk Jog Run

Walk. Jogging. Cross. Stuck in the uniformity of your runs? "Walk Jog Run ”uses the Google Maps API and a community of like-minded people to map the best jogging routes in your area. Just enter your address and the user-created running routes will appear, conveniently superimposed on the map with the distance, speed and calories destroyed. An ideal tool for those in whom the spirit of adventure lives, well, or just for travelers who want to keep fit, while observing local attractions. And for all this, you don’t even need to take a laptop with you, the Walk Jog Run website also offers an application that works on the iPhone .

Exercise TV

You don’t have to buy training videos led by Richard Simmons. Cable channel on request "Exercise TV ”will allow you to tighten the forms with the help of your laptop and a small space on the floor. Each month, more than 100 free training videos are uploaded to the channel’s website. For a fee, you can download clips or watch them for free in the streaming mode on the site. A variety of lessons are available: from yoga to strength training, which can take only three minutes of your time. Add to this the fact that they are free and you will no longer have excuses not to deal with your body.

Fit by Fun

Are you afraid of personal trainers in the gym pumped up like buffaloes or hosted by health videos? Maybe the cartoon characters will add novelty to your workouts. " Fit by Fun”Enlivens your exercises with painted instructors, modern music and a sense of elbow, giving you a list of“ colleagues ”who are currently sharing a virtual gym with you. Those who have not yet pumped up muscles can customize their training plan and soundtrack to their capabilities. Although many of the classes and services, such as class diary, require paid membership, some things on the site are available for free.



Maybe Foursquare now attracts more attention, but Gowalla is its sketchy rival from Austin, a much more fun place. Like Foursquare, Gowalla allows you to “check in” in real places on the planet using a smartphone, and the site will show your location on a map that your friends can see. But where the benefits of Gowalla are visible, is how it happens. Icons of bright colors, a cool interface (along with the ability to add photos and create a description of travel in the area of ​​your location) make Gowalla the coolest interactive passport that exists.

Foodspotting The

menu is good, but the photos look much tastier. " Foodspotting”Combines Gowalla’s location designations with an unhealthy interest in restaurant critic food, allowing consumers to update and share on-site reviews and photos of every restaurant they stumble upon. This information becomes available to everyone, so before you enter into a dispute with a rushing waiter serving your table, you can pull out your phone and see how that plate of spaghetti that you ordered actually looks like.


Somewhere between the official business lunch and the request of the annoying acquaintance from the Facebook site, LinkedIn is located, a widespread professional social network that allows you to connect with long-standing colleagues and acquaintances, talk about bosses and employees, reflect the latest changes in your A resume that may catch the eye of online job seekers. It is easy enough to search and place information in it, and, in general, you can use LinkedIn as a desktop notebook, using it to find old classmates and new friends, finding out where they work and what they do now. To be informative without becoming intrusive, to open channels for communication without deviating, or to become frivolous, or unsystematic, LinkedIn is a forum that we still believe.


« StockTwits » is a byproduct of the financial talks that are taking place on Twitter. Think of this website as a social news feed, only instead of a ticker with market quotes, it tracks the ongoing discussions of each quotation. Find someone whose advice you trust, add them to the list of those whose news you want to follow, and get a stream of interesting information in real time. Undecorated information can become a switch that delivers a stream of fresh air to all leading business news make-up masks. Tumblr Do « Tumblr

"This year's breakthrough. A trendy blogging platform - something in between short Twitter text messages and long blog posts on serious blogs - benefited from joining some top-level media companies in its trendy interactive form on the Newsweek platform. But for the average user, the site also looks attractive. With a selection of free themes, with tools that help you effortlessly share video and photo materials, Tumblr can turn even the most common updates into something that looks amazing. → Since the article did not fit in one post on Habré, you can read the continuation here . Prepared by Aiken Studio Original text and title picture TIME


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