Learn for 90 cents

    Another week behind, as promised - we are announcing new winners of the " 100,000 Clicks for the 100 Best Freelancers " contest .

    I would like to note the positive changes that have occurred over the past week. First of all, the optimal price of services. Looking at the list of winners, it becomes clear that most new TipMeet users can call most of them using the 90 cents gift bonus received during registration.

    We have added a quick login and registration form, as well as a deposit account. And in a week the function of flexible change in the price of the service will appear.

    Digital art workshop ($ 0.10 hereinafter per minute)
    General computer help and consultation ($ 0.25)
    Help with 1C products($ 0.30)
    Software testing automation ($ 0.30)
    Web application: technology selection, implementation ($ 0.35)
    General web development assistance ($ 0.50)
    VoIP networks and call center construction / support ($ 0, 50)
    Sales department building and optimization ($ 0.50)
    Contextual advertising ($ 0.70)
    Help with using Apple products ($ 0.99)
    Web animation, Adobe Flash CS4 ($ 1.00)
    Legal advice ($ 1.99)

    Our offer lasts until November 1, so hurry up to create your own service and get 1000 more customers!

    In order to create your own personal service and publish it in the catalog, it’s enough to take a few simple steps:

    Step 1. Create a personal service

    In the “Personal service” section, follow the link to create a new service. Follow the instructions carefully!

    Step 2. Promotion of a personal service

    Click on the “Publish in a catalog” button and select as precisely as possible up to 3 categories that most specifically describe your type of activity:

    Click on “Confirm Changes”. Now you need your freshly created service moderated to match the desired categories.

    After the service has been moderated, you will see it in the directory of the specific category that you selected:

    Congratulations! Now your service is visible to everyone who looks at the catalog, you can adjust the volume of the headphones and microphone.

    Step 3. Conversation You

    can receive incoming video and audio calls from the TipMeet2Go application on our website or configure any application / hardware voIP handset to work with SIP.

    The call forwarding function is also available: the "Settings" - "Call Forwarding" item.

    In this case, set the price of the service so that it covers the cost of both forwarding and connection fees (18.4%).

    Step 4. Money

    And finally, the last - in order to withdraw money, go to the "Finance" - "Create payment" section.
    At the moment, we have 2 options for withdrawing money from the service - this is PayPal and WebMoney. The minimum amount is $ 50, the maximum is $ 500, in a one-time payment.

    You just need to fill in the recipient's account number and the amount receivable.

    Be free with TipMeet!

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