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Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products

Enter your query and instantly get results. What a great, simple idea! Imagining a search for the future, we have repeatedly thought about how great it would be to perform a search on partial queries or to receive search results as the query is typed. Demos were even developed for how it should be (including Amit Patel in 1991 and Nihil Bhatla in 2003). These demos were a real challenge - they had a beautiful design, were interactive and worked very quickly. However, there was one fundamental flaw in them. Which one? Nobody wanted to receive search results for an unfinished query (the user does not need results for query helmet m , if he is looking for a motorcycle helmet) Everyone wanted the search to predict their query and show the results before this query was fully typed.

You can imagine how nontrivial this task is. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Google Buzz today ( ). This is a service that will show you the search results even before you have fully entered the query. The live search processes the typed text in the search line, formulates the entire query, which you most likely have in mind, and in real-time displays results. Thanks to Live Search, users get smart and fast technology, which is also the most effective.

Here are a few key features of Live Search. It allows you to:
  • Display dynamic search results. The results you are interested in are shown in dynamics as you type the query. Now you can quickly select the appropriate result and go to the desired web page; Predict the further text of the request. The system "enters" for you the estimated ending of the search query in light gray. Everything is very simple: stop typing the query, look down and select the appropriate option; Use the scroll option to search. Scrolling through the query options offered by the system, using the up and down keys, you can instantly see the results for each of them.
    In this video, we talk in detail about Live Search:

    In order for Live Search to work, we introduced a number of new technologies, including new caching systems, adapting the page refresh rate with search results, and also optimized JavaScript code on our pages so that web browsers can support our new functionality. In the end, we needed to develop a system that can scale during search as fast as our users think and type, while maintaining the speed and simplicity expected from Google.

    Live search gives users a lot of advantages. But the main one is speed. Testing showed that Live Search saves from 2 to 5 seconds on each request. It seems to be a bit. However, if all users use Live Search, it turns out that they will save 11 hours every second on search.

    Starting today, Google Live Search is available on the English-language page for all users, as well as for logged-in users in Russia and in some other countries. Within a week, all users (even those who do not have a Google account ) will be able to use the new functionality.

    Live Search is supported by the following browsers: Chrome (version 5+), Firefox (version 3+), Internet Explorer (version 8) and Safari for Mac (version 5). Support for Opera will be launched soon.

    We hope you enjoy the Live Search, and if you suddenly want to return to the familiar version of Google search, then you can always turn off the Live Search.

    Try it and share your impressions with us!

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