God is a stupid game designer

    You have probably heard that there are adults who believe that the whole universe, all matter-space, our planet Earth and all its inhabitants are created by some kind of supernatural supermind being nicknamed God? Personally, I can’t imagine how seriously I can take such ideas. But the general meaning of the biblical story that the all-knowing God created our world and ourselves, and now is closely watching what is happening, prompted me to think that this is a classic gamedev. And then I decided to take the idea of ​​“divine creation” literally for a second and see - did he do his job so well, as some say?

    To begin with, God worked incredibly high-quality physics of the universe. The idea to make several types of the smallest particles and simply set different rules for their interaction is, as always, undeniably winning. Generating space using the Big Bang is very convenient, but there are questions about small randomization, due to the dependence on a single random sequence. And the generation time of 5 billion years is a bit too much, especially taking into account possible preliminary tests. General physical laws and thermodynamics are excellent. Gravity too pulled, if it was less - in general it would be spectacular.

    The formation of stars and planets from cosmic dust and gas, the synchronization of their motion, nonequilibrium systems and the formation of life, evolution and natural selection, oxygen catastrophe, eukaryotes, phytoplankton crisis, angiospermization of gymnosperms, the mammalization of theriodonts - all this turned out damn interesting, although we must admit that some missions were rather confusing and complex. God’s simulators are excellent. He would also have to make several similar projects on different topics and such a portfolio would satisfy even the most corrosive customer.

    With the advent of the higher mind and people, at the beginning everything was pretty good, but exactly until people learned how to use tools. Primitive plant growing and cattle breeding still somehow fit into the general picture of the divine world, but the subsequent emergence of science within the framework of the game world was regarded by God as malicious cheating. God would like us to coexist quietly with other species in the wild, graze cattle, collect what God will give and slowly evolve to a new level in 200-300 thousand years. And we smartly invented the wheel, lever, geometry, construction, and even managed to invent a steam engine (Heron, 100 BC) - which under the circumstances is equivalent to the malicious use of scripts!

    And what do you think God did? Admitted that the game has moved to a completely different level and instead of a simulator has become a social and economic strategy? And based on the analysis of the situation, he changed, say, the probability system for the righteous to have a bonus, and for the sinners to get a penalty, or something else like that? Instead, God made the classic move of illiterate game designers — he couldn’t find anything clever about sending an avatar prophet and setting a direct ban on what seemed wrong to him. Yes, yes, all the same classic commandments:
    • Game designer - god!
    • Read rules!
    • No cheats!
    • No scripts!
    • No PvP!
    • No loot!
    • No rush!
    • No friendly fire!

    So what came of it? Yes, really almost nothing. For several centuries, God managed to stop the flowering of cheating science with the help of church moderation, but nothing more. On the whole, there was an impression that God did not corny know psychology, game theory, and cybernetics.

    Bans never work. Sometimes they even do the opposite - add value to a prohibited action. In any gaming system, in essence, the task of the players is to find the optimal algorithm for passing, or how to get a greater result for lesser spent resources. If there is a profitable opportunity to do this, then even if it is forbidden, players will still use it, but taking into account the possible risks of a possible punishment. Look not at examples from your own life - which of you didn’t walk on the lawn? (By the way, I simply bypass this ban - I don’t walk on the lawn, but ride my bike on it.) Didn’t violate the traffic rules? Not parked in the wrong place? You did this not within the framework of the civil disobedience campaign, but because it was so convenient and easier for you, right? If it would be more convenient and easier for you not to do this, then you would not do that. Instead of creating bans, you need to achieve game balance by adjusting other game mechanisms.

    And yet this is the introduction of such an indicator as “sin”, and only to indicate the degree of violation of the prohibitions. And what is the most stupid, this indicator is invisible and can not be accurately determined. His testimony is buried somewhere deep in the game mechanics and is difficult to determine even by indirect signs. What could be more idiotic than invisible indicators? They say that it regulates the possibility of additional storage in the system after death. There are references to this in the divine documentation, but there is no exact mention of how this works. In addition, there is a general fear that, like any programmer tweaking, this function simply does not work.

    For obvious reasons, God cannot appear in our world personally, just like you cannot appear in World of Warcraft with a chainsaw in hand. Therefore, he needed a team of moderators in the form of churchmen and priests to control the implementation of the prohibitions. But alas and ah, they are the same players as the rest and are also looking for the same optimal algorithms. Therefore, they quite reasonably began to trade violations of prohibitions and cleansing from sins. It is as natural as snow in winter. I find it strange for those who expected otherwise.

    In a situation with low-level players, God has the same mess as in most MMORPGs. Instead of making start zones and speeding up the boost, he hung a bunch of moral penalties on high-level players, and a bunch of bonuses on newcomers, so that it became more profitable to remain newcomers than pumped. As a result, it’s more profitable to remain an unhappy sufferer of stupidity than to pump to a self-confident intellectual.

    Bottom line: the technical part of the universe is excellent, and the socio-economic part is an epic failure. And the reason for the failure is even understandable in principle. It is that God, apparently, is really completely alone there. And he had nowhere to find out what society is and what are its features. And he didn’t have time to figure out our psychology at all (he doesn’t even know about the peculiarities of consciousness perception of logical particles of the “not” type). Well, that's okay. I think God should send a couple of prophets to us in the coming years, let them get a good education and get decent experience as a practicing psychologist and game designer in some famous game company. After their death, they will share their knowledge with God and maybe something will change for the better in this of our universe.

    By the way, if you remember that God once promised the Second Coming, the Apocalypse and a Full Restart? I think he was just nervous in that situation. Rolling back the state of all quanta in the universe is incredibly resource-intensive and, in addition, still meaningless, since it is hardly possible to change anything in the course of evolution. It will be the same, but slightly different. And what's the point of spending anything at all if all the resources have already been spent on development and the Big Bang. Energy has already been fully expended and used. If something went wrong - it's easier to throw in a landfill and let it burn out for billions of years.

    In general, let God comprehend our science faster, if he is, of course.

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