42goals updates: API, time tracking, tabs, goal archive

    About 4 months ago, we launched 42goals , an online tool for tracking personal goals. 42goals will help you quit smoking, calculate how much coffee you drink, keep track of your workouts, or simply calculate expenses. Over the time since the launch, we have added several innovations. Perhaps one of the main things for you will be - localization into Russian.

    From other updates: API, time tracking, tabs, archive and premium accounts.


    Many users of our service are web developers. For developers, we have implemented an API with which they can create their own applications. The documentation is located on a separate site: http://api.42goals.com . The page has not yet been translated into Russian, but, I believe, programmers should not have problems reading technical documentation.
    We really hope that the Habr community will join in the development of applications. You can develop a mobile application, an extension for your favorite browser, or integrate it into your web service. We are always open to cooperation.

    Time tracking

    We have added a new type of goal - time. Using this type, you can count the number of hours you sleep, or keep track of the time spent on the project.

    Premium features

    Another major innovation is premium accounts . This means that our project “grows up” and becomes, indeed, a “startup”, and not just a hobby.

    New features that await you in the premium account:
    • a new type - “timer”, gives you the ability to run time and record the time interval
    • the ability to group goals by tab
    • moving targets to the archive

    A timer will be especially useful for freelance developers. A timer is similar to a time type, but it has a very useful function - automatic timing. This may look like a list of freelancer goals:

    Starting work, you start a timer and can close the page. After finishing work, open 42 goals and the timer counts the elapsed time, by clicking on the pause, you stop the timer. You can run multiple timers at the same time.

    Tabs come in handy for those with many goals.

    For example, you can divide goals into work and personal. You can create a separate tab for training or for diet.

    Archiveneeded to send to it goals that have already been achieved. For example, upon completion of the project, you can send the target to the archive. If in the future you will need to view data for this purpose, it can always be returned from the archive.

    All premium features (as well as basic ones) can be tried in a free demo .

    Support us

    We submitted 42goals to participate in the Start in Paris event - this is a meeting for startups, where 5 selected startups will be able to give a presentation about their project. For us, this is a chance to express ourselves on the European stage. We have already entered the shortlist of 15 candidates, from which 5 finalists are selected by voting. If you want to support us, then we will be immensely happy. To do this, you need to choose 42goals as one of the 5 candidates on the voting page .

    Future plans

    We continue to develop and take into account all your wishes. Now we are working on a new reporting system. New reports will be more visual and vivid. We are also experimenting with new types of targets; lists and geolocation targets may be coming soon. To keep abreast of all the innovations, you can subscribe to our blog , twitter and facebook page .

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