Gumstix ARM Cluster

    While everyone is just talking about using ARM on servers, Gumstix has made a platform for ARM servers.

    This is Stagecoach .

    The board allows you to install 7 Overo modules with a TI OMAP 3503 (ARM Cortex-A8) 600Mhz-720Mhz processor, 256MB memory and 256MB NAND flash. The modules are combined using the built-in switch for 9 10 / 100Mbit ports, USB-serial for connecting to module consoles, 7 USB ports that can work both in OTG mode and in the host and ethernet 10 / 100Mbit ports for communication with the outside world. At the same time, the board size is 70mm by 293mm, a 5 volt block and a power of 20 watts acts as a power source.

    The cost of the Overo Earth module is $ 149. Stagecoach
    board costs $ 229.
    The total cost of the complete set - 1272 dollars

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