GDD 2010 Program and Other News

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Aleksey Shelestenko, Google Russia Marketing

Preparation for Google Developer Day 2010 Russia is in full swing, and today we are announcing the conference program. It can be found on the website (remember - the full link is much longer), where soon you will also find descriptions of speeches, biographies of speakers and much more.

This year, developer days are held, in addition to Russia (Moscow), also in the Czech Republic (Prague) , Germany (Munich) , Brazil (São Paulo) and Japan (Tokyo) . We have prepared a rich program- because I want to tell and show so much - which, we hope, will be interesting to everyone present. Of course, it will not be possible to talk about everything, because GDD is a one-day conference, but we selected the best.

In general, the focus will be on three topics (which will go in three parallel flows):

  • Android The platform is rapidly gaining momentum, and we want to talk about its success and continue the conversation with you, Android application developers. We will share the news, as well as conduct sections on Android performance, platform user experience and tips for creating killer applications, as well as delve into a new OS feature - sending commands from the cloud directly to the device ( Cloud to Device Messaging , or C2DM).
  • Chrome and HTML5. We’ll discuss how to write an application for the Chrome Web Store (you haven’t come up with a Russian name yet, help ) and speed up the development and productivity of this application. We’ll show you which aspects of HTML5, the Developer Tools in Chrome, and the Native Client can benefit you in your projects. Finally, we will talk about authorization and everything related to it and show where and when you can use various authorization tools and how they integrate with our services and APIs.

The main part of the introductory demonstration section (opening) will be held by Erik Tholome, director of product development; Evgeny Sokolov, Ph.D, the head of the Moscow Google Development Center, and other speakers will help him. Almost all sections will be conducted in English, and we will provide simultaneous translation - if necessary, you can take the receiver and headphones.

Last year, for the first time, we held a section on venture capital funds and startups, and it aroused great interest. This year we will again invite the venture capital fund to talk about what they are looking for in startups and answer your questions.

Many sections will also include presentations by local developers using Google technology in their projects. If you would like to speak in one of the sections with your success story, practical tips or examples of development on our tools, write to us at and we will consider your application.

The program provides a place for the "open door corner" - a place where speakers at certain hours will answer your questions and solve your problems (well, or almost). The corner schedule can be found out later - be sure to check later at what time the Google representative you need will be there. Googlers can also be seen in the crowd - feel free to come up and ask questions.

Also at the conference, the Russian GTUG will perform in a separate stream-and (Google Technology User Groups - development groups) from different cities of Russia. They will talk about their projects, share experiences and help find (or organize) GTUG in your city. Be sure to check them out!

This year's GDD will be held at the Crocus Expo exhibition center (65-66 km. MKAD; next to the Myakinino metro station).

We plan to open registration on September 22nd. Follow the news on the Google Russia blog , on the GDD website, or on Twitter at @gddru (our hash is #gddru ).

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