Reader's Prize. Vote for the authors with money!

    The Imkhonet Reader’s Prize has started , in which everyone can take part and vote for their favorite writers and journalists with money.

    Why money? Because many of us have probably downloaded (maybe distributed) content online. And now, there is an opportunity to directly thank the creators, authors of this wonderful content!

    In order to try to vote in money, to get involved in the process, Imkhonet allocates 50 rubles to each participant. This is the starting money that can be distributed among the nominees. And this is not virtual money, but real money, which are debited from Imkhonet’s account to user accounts.

    If you have not found your favorite author whom you want to thank, you can add your own. But, having already accrued and distributed their own funds. What is most interesting, already a little more than 25,000 rubles (23%) of their own funds users accrued to their authors.

    All money goes to the bonus fund of each individual author. Thus, Imkhonet acts as a platform where a writer or journalist receives directly funds from his fans :).

    What are the goals of the Reader's Prize? (taken directly from the award site)
    • Allow everyone to postpay thanks to the authors for the pleasure received from their works.
    • Contribute to the practice of post-factum payments that can make up for the loss of piracy to your favorite authors.
    • To make sure from your own experience how the mechanism of post factum thank-you payments works.
    What will happen to the money that users received, but realized that they did not want to thank and reward anyone? The remaining funds will be transferred to them on their mobile phone after summing up.

    Who wants to learn more about the conditions of the award, you can read them here: .

    The award will also have a continuation, in the form of a post-factum payment program. In short, users will be given the opportunity to FIRST RECEIVE content, and AFTER PAY if they liked the content (and not as it is now: money in the morning, chairs in the evening). Of course, there are risks, but there are already ideas and opportunities to create tools that will regulate all user behavior in the system.

    Many resources are now dragged into the courts and fines due to the fact that users
    post and use pirated content. The “Reader's Prize" is an attempt to introduce
    post-factum payments into the norm. In this case, the problem would be solved by itself.

    In the meantime, you can follow the results .

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